Season Channels Release

Season Channels

Season Channels are coming to Turf Battles tomorrow afternoon! We will be taking the servers offline tomorrow (January 19, 2024) at 1:00 PM ET. We expect the servers to be offline for about 2-3 hours while we perform updates to various systems. Please keep in mind as this is the first time we are launching season channels officially, this downtime estimate may change throughout the update (in this case, we will update this article).


Special Season Notes

  • Season characters will receive the following buffs on any channel:
    • 10% Experience Buff
    • 10% Drop Rate Buff
    • 25% Upgrade Rate Buff
  • The Soccer Event & Nation War event will only begin on Season Channels 3 days after the start of a season.
  • The Civil War will only begin on Season Channels 5 days after the start of a season.
  • We've received a lot of feedback from players about various different systems/features. Unfortunately, we've had our hands tied while working on Season Channels. However, now that seasons are being released, we will be focusing on making changes to the game based on old and new feedback.


Season Contests/Events

This season we will be hosting the following contests/events with eCoin prizes. The events will be shared by both servers (Triumphus & Mystic), meaning all season characters from both servers are competing against each other. Please note that prizes are awarded at the end of a season, and users who receive any form of ban (temporary or permanent) are automatically disqualified.

  • Level Race: The first season character to reach level 300 will be awarded 1000 eCoins.
  • Highest PK Points: At the end of the season, the season character with the highest pk points will be awarded 1500 eCoins.
  • Max Level Lottery: At the end of the season, every level 300 season character will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 20 x100 eCoin prizes.


Event System Changes

In order to support Season Channels, we've made a large number of changes to the event system that controls events across multiple channels. If you notice or experience any issues, you can report them, and we will look into it. The events that were affected include: Catastropha Cavern Event, Civil War Event, Nation War Event, Pet Boss Event, Reaper Event, Soccer Event, and the Turf Stop Event.

  • You should only be able to see messages for each event that pertains to the channel type you are on. This means if you are on a season channel, you will only see season event messages (not non-season event messages).
  • The above mentioned events now all save & load when the servers restart (so server restarts no longer cause timer resets).
  • Registering for the Civil War Event and/or the Nation War Event automatically registers on both Season & Non-Season channels.
  • The Pet Boss Event & Turf Stop Event now show the coordinates & min/max level requirements of where the event monster spawns during each notification of an ongoing event (previously it would only show when the event first started).
  • Fixed an issue with some events (such as Turf Stop) that caused the winner to not be reset after each event.


Additional Patch Notes

  • Reaper Event
    • Now drops level 12 and level 13 equipment with 4 stats, either at levels 6-10 or levels 10-13.
    • Now drops level 12 jewelry with 4 stats at levels 1-5.
    • All jewelry drops can now occur in quantities of 1-3 of the same jewelry type.
    • Now rewards the winning player and their party with 25 soul shards (previously 15).
  • Delphiroth Dungeons
    • Delphiroth Floors 3-5
      • Normal monsters have had their health reduced by 15% and boss monsters by 20%.
      • Normal monsters now drop equipment with stat levels 1-3, and boss monsters drop stat levels 1-6.
      • Boss monsters now respawn once every 7 minutes and normal monsters respawn once every 2 minutes.
    • Delphiroth Floor 3
      • Level 12 Drop Rate structure changed to match Delphiroth Floor 5.
      • Level 12 Drop Rates increased by another 50%.
    • Delphiroth Floor 4
      • Level 12 Drop Rates set to 40% higher than Floor 3.
    • Delphiroth Floor 5
      • Level 13 Drop Rates increased by 50%.
  • Players can now purchase Transformation Gems from the Turf Exchange; each gem costs 10 Turf Tokens.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from trading after the season channel release.


January 22 Patch Notes

  • Blast Blade & Blast Fist have had their damage percentage increased between levels 1-9, they still do the same damage at level 10.
  • Seasonal characters now receive an additional 15% pet experience buff.
  • Seasonal characters now have a [Season] tag next to their names in chat.
  • We've converted the PVPChannel to automatically send to all players without a Newbie Shell.
    • You can disable viewing PVP Kills in the Chat Options window.
    • All shells that were set to the PVPChannel have been changed to the Market channel instead.
  • We've made a few minor localization changes/fixes.



  • What are season channels?
    • Season channels are similar to season servers (something that we previously hosted). The key difference here is that they are not a separate server, but instead, they are separate channels on the existing Mystic & Triumphus servers that can ONLY be accessed by season characters. This allows players to start new characters and progress without being obligated to compete with already fully geared players/tribes right away, while at the same time not splitting each server in to a new server.
  • What are season characters?
    • Season characters are characters that are created during a season. Season characters can log in to both non-season channels and season channels (but non-season characters cannot enter season channels). Players can choose to create a season character or non-season character during the character creation process.
  • Can season characters party/trade non-season characters?
    • No, no matter what channel you are on, you will not be able to party, trade, or use booths for characters that are of different types. This means that season characters cannot party, trade, or use booths with non-season characters, and non-season characters cannot party, trade, or use booths with season characters.
  • What happens to our season characters and items when a season ends?
    • Season characters (and all the items on them) are automatically converted into non-season characters/items when a season ends. They will no longer be able to enter season channels, but you will still be able to use them on non-season channels. They will essentially become, non-season characters.
  • Why are season characters allowed to go on non-season channels?
    • We are allowing season characters to enter non-season channels so that they can still PvP and interact with non-season characters in a competitive and social way. However, they will not be able to earn any real benefit from each other (they CANNOT obtain each other's items and CANNOT give each other experience).
  • How many season channels will there be per server?
    • Each server will have 2 season channels, for a total of 5 channels per server (3 non-season channels, and 2 season channels)
  • Will Seasons have any additional incentives to play on them?
    • Seasons inherently provide players with various incentives, such as:
      • A more equal playing field between new and old players.
      • Access to additional channels, and thus resources/farming areas.
      • Participation in more events, as season characters can engage in both season and non-season events.
    • In addition, season characters will receive the following buffs on any channel:
      • 10% Experience Buff
      • 10% Drop Rate Buff
      • 25% Upgrade Rate Buff
  • Will Season Channels have their own events?
    • Yes Season Channels will have their own events, but season characters can also participate in non-season channel events.
    • This means that 2 different tribes might be the Lords of Ladianes on the same server, and 2 different nations might win the Nation War on the same server. One winner would be for non-season channels, and one winner would be for season channels.
  • How long will each season last?
    • Each season will last 2 months and have a 1 month cooldown before the next season starts. The durations and cooldowns of each season may change as needed.