January 24 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • The Channel Select Interface has been updated to provide additional information about each channel through icons and tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue with various lists that caused two items to highlight simultaneously if the mouse was on the edge of both.
  • During a Boss Spawn event (e.g., on Islands/Turfs or Rock Island), players within the area now see a Boss Icon on the Minimap indicating the boss's location.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to set up a booth in most areas.
  • Resolved an issue causing areas not to have the correct settings (e.g., being able to attack but dealing no damage outside of the Soccer Field, and displaying the mini-map in areas where it shouldn't).
  • Fixed a client crash issue that occurred when leaving a dungeon with the chat open.


Bracket 1-4 Islands

  • We received feedback suggesting that these islands were dealing excessive damage. However, upon testing, the damage was found to be as expected.
  • Bracket 1 and 2 were tested with 5/5 equipment & 3/3 jewels.
  • Bracket 2 and 3 were tested with +7 equipment & 5/5 jewels AND +5 equipment & 3/3 jewels.
  • Although we do not believe a change is necessary, based on feedback, we have reduced the absolute damage of Bracket 1-4 monsters by 5%.


Area Changes

  • All PVP-enabled areas now follow the same channel-specific PvP rules as most of Delphiroth.
    • Channel 1: Players can PvP in any PvP-enabled area, but the fame rules apply (except in PvP-intended areas).
    • Channel 2: Players can PvP in any PvP-enabled area without any fame loss.
    • Channel 3: Players cannot PvP in any areas (except in PvP-intended areas).
    • Channel 4: Same rules as Channel 1.
    • Channel 5: Same rules as Channel 2.
  • Players can continue to PvP without the fame rules in any PvP-intended areas while on any channel.
    • PvP-intended areas are areas that are specifically designed for player vs. player combat, including the islands, the Ladianes Civil War areas, Frozenland during the Nation War, etc.


Additional Updates

  • Fixed various issues with the last restart that caused some areas to not have the expected PvP rules, if players notice anymore after this restart please let us know.
  • Fixed a bug with the Ladianes Civil War that prevented the winners from being the winner until both non-season and season channels finished the war.
  • We've disabled the Soccer Event on non-season channels until we resolve an issue that causes the season channel soccer event to mess up if crystals on the non-season channels are killed (and vice versa).


January 25 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Fixed more issues with areas that did not have the expected PvP rules. If players notice any more issues after this restart, please let us know.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from adjusting the store/booth tax until both season and non-season civil wars were over.
  • We've changed the Boss Spawn Event mini-map icon to red.

Soccer Event

  • The Soccer event has now been re-enabled on both non-season and season channels.
  • Due to how shared events work, we had to ensure that soccer event brackets always start and end at the same times.
  • This means that when you destroy a soccer event crystal, it no longer automatically starts the next bracket. Instead, players must wait for the remaining time until the next bracket would have started if the crystal was not defeated.
  • Players are notified of the time remaining until the next bracket when they defeat a crystal.