January 29 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • We've made some minor localization adjustments.
  • Fixed additional issues with areas that did not follow the expected rules. If players notice any more issues after this restart, please let us know.
  • Fixed the absolute damage of the Stone Reaper Statue monsters in Delphiroth Floor 5, which wasn't functioning properly before.
  • Fixed an issue with the Delphiroth Stone Golem bosses in Delphiroth Floor 5 that caused them to drop the incorrect amount of resources, no Delphiroth Jewelry, and no Anti-Toxin pills.
  • Corrected the health of the Stone Axe Statue bosses in Delphiroth Floor 5; they had the health of a normal monster.
  • The Pet Island Boss Spawn Event now drops 10-12 Soul Shards for each party member.
  • Instances have been modified so that if a random instance is finished, the cooldowns of all members who were ever in the instance are removed, even if you were removed from the party or offline when the instance ended.
  • The cooldowns of advanced skills now carry over when you relog. This also fixes an issue where teleporting from certain areas would reset your cooldowns.


Hau Event

  • The Hau Event has been moved over to the new event system.
  • Non-Season characters can continue to enter Hau on Channel 3.
  • Season characters can enter and participate in the Hau Event on Channel 5.
  • Due to the amount of shards awarded from the Hau Witch, and the potential for players to use "mains" to kill the witch, we've made it so season characters cannot enter Hau on Channel 3.


January 30 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • The Red Magic Defense of Bracket 1, Bracket 2, Pet Island, and Catastropha Island monsters has been reduced to bring the time it takes to kill a group more inline with the other classes.
  • The Blue Magic Defense of Bracket 5 and Ghost Castle monsters has been slightly increased to bring the time it takes to kill a group more inline with the other classes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused season characters and non-season characters to be able to party (they were still unable to gain experience/drops).