February 1 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where Basic Skills would only level up one level at a time until you relog (even if the experience gained would get you multiple levels).
  • Fixed an issue with Hau that caused the team icons to appear on all channels.
  • Fixed an issue with the Boss Spawn Icon that made it visible beyond the mini-map border.
  • Fixed a bug with equipment where durability would show as 0, even though it wasn't 0.
  • Fixed a bug where using Fire Rain, Meteor Shower, and/or Blizzard wouldn't reduce weapon durability.
  • Fixed a bug where you could go through certain invisible walls (such as in Hau).
  • You can now use return scrolls after 10 seconds of no combat in Delphiroth Floor 2.
  • We've combined the GM/Moderator/Season identifiers in chat into 1 tag. For example, previously, it would appear as [GM][Season], and now it appears as [Season GM].
  • We've changed the color of name tags in chat (such as [Season]) to a shade of red.
  • All items purchased from the Turf Shop can no longer be dropped or sold to an NPC (such as the Soul Shard Buff).
  • We've made it so that if you speak to a Respawn Nurse in a city/village, your HP and Mana will be fully healed.
    • This does not occur with Respawn Nurses outside of citys/villages (such as Tiaz).
    • This does not occur when starting a quest with the Respawn Nurse.
  • We've started work on a Tribe Ally chat channel, it's visible on the client already but currently only sends tribe messages. It will be fully added in the next update.


Website Changes

  • Fixed some font styling differences in the game guides section.
  • We've changed the PvP rankings on the website so that players can filter rankings by Season, Non-Season, and All.