Lunar Festival Event

General Changes

  • We've completed the implementation of the Tribe Alliance Chat, allowing players to communicate with their allied tribe using this chat.
  • The glow of all level 12 +20 weapons has been changed to green, based on player feedback (previously white).
  • Chests with a cooldown per character now function across all channels and save/load during server restarts (such as the Christmas Box & Event Chest).
  • The Instance Cooldown buff now properly saves/loads during server restarts (previously being removed at each restart).
  • We've fixed an issue that caused players disconnect a few days ago.
  • We've added some debugging to help track down the cause of a server crash that occured on Channel 3 a few days ago.


Lunar Event

The Lunar New Year is here, and Turf Battles is ready to celebrate! From now until February 25th, players can take advantage of the following events, rewards, and offers.

  • Lunar Festival – Year of the Dragon Quest
    • Tormac (in Ladianes) has heard that Nian has been terrorizing heroes inside various dungeon instances.
    • Speak to Tormac to start the Lunar Festival Quest. This quest can be repeated once every 6 hours and requires players to complete instances before the bonus time expires.
    • If you complete the instance before the bonus time expires, there is a 90% chance that Nian will appear in your dungeon. Nian rewards players with the same experience and drops as other dungeon monsters, but can also drop Red Packets. Note that Nian appears at the last boss of each dungeon.


  • Red Lunar Outfit
    • Players can unlock the Red Lunar Outfit by collecting 50 Red Packets or by purchasing it from the Cosmetic Loadout Interface for 250 TC.
    • The outfit can only be unlocked during the Lunar Festival.


  • Dragon Pets
    • To celebrate the year of the dragon, we've added 4 new dragon pets to the pet interface.
    • They can be purchased for 350 TC each.
    • The ability to purchase these pets will end when the Lunar Festival event ends.
Gold Dragon Ice Dragon Sea Dragon Lava Dragon
  • Event Box
    • An Event Box has been added in the middle of Ladianes.
    • It can be used once a day to gain 1 Lunar Festival Pouch, which can be opened to get a random number of Red Packets (1-4).


  • Fireworks
    • Players can buy fireworks from the Firework Merchant (near Pet Hotel in Ladianes) until the Lunar Festival ends.


  • Event Merchant
    • In addition to unlocking the Red Lunar Outfit, Red Packets can be traded for Event Coupons at the Event Merchant NPC (next to Yuba in Ladianes).
    • Event Coupons can then be used to purchase an Event Chest or Event Chocolate (chocolates will be removed at the end of the event).
    • 10 Red Packets will get you 1 Event Coupon.
    • Each Event Chest or Event Chocolate costs 3 Event Coupons.


  • Buffs
    • For the duration of the Lunar Festival, players can gain the bonus of the following Fubb Events:
      • Experience Buff
      • Pet Experience Buff
      • Production Experience Buff