Changes & Fixes

At 9PM EST, we will be restarting the servers to apply a few changes/fixes to the game. We should only be offline for about 5-10 minutes.


Patch Notes

Delphiroth Floor 3

We're opening up Delphiroth Floor 3 to PvP, without the Fame System applying to it. We're doing this because the release of level 12 items has brought an interest to Delphiroth Floor 3 that didn't used to be there. In doing so, lot's of players have requested that it have PvP enabled. The acctual logistics around Delphiroth Floor 3 PvP may change in the future.


Monster/Drop Changes

  • Badflies level have been reduced so they can be used for solo levelling starting and around level 80.
  • Drop rate of Mini Boss Pets has been increased.
  • Dragon Eggs in Veros are now on all 3 channels.
  • The Raw Material drops in Frozenland, specifically from Bosses, has been increased to drop 5 of the Raw Material, instead of 1.


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed Yev Kassem Soup so it can be used on your hotbar; this required it to become a 1x1 sized item instead of a 2x1.
  • We've fixed a bug that caused Channel 2 to lockup about 3 times last week. We're still keeping the debugging there incase another similar issue arises.
  • We've fixed an issue with Delphiroth jewels only dropping with 1 stat.


Item Changes

  • We've increased the amount of Attack Power players receive from Magic Attack & Magic Skill Attack on level 12 weapons by 6 AP per stat level. All in all, this should provide somewhere between a 150-200 AP boost at 15/15. Which places the total AP awarded, as higher than a +9 weapon (our original intention).
  • We've made it so non grade 11 weapons now glow based on the PSA and MSA stats instead of PA & MA. So for level 12 weapons, as an example, they will now glow with 13+ PSA/MSA instead of PA/MA.
  • We have changed the Critical Rate bonus for Murciel, Acord, & Aplite so that by level 12 Critical Rate, you have the same critical rate you would with a +9, beyond level 10 we are employing a diminishing returns formula so that you only get 90% of the previous levels critical rate, for a total of 35% critical rate at level 20.
  • We've added a Subscription only Double Pet EXP Buff to the Subscription Merchant, it provides the user with x2 pet exp for 5 hours (like the normal TC version), but does not remove on death or logout. We've priced it at 65 TC for 50.