February 12 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • The wing speed of the Lava Dragon has been slowed down by about 20%.
  • The nation assignment system now prioritizes members of the same tribe into the same nation for tribe members who have been online within the last 60 seconds. Previously, you had to be online at the time of nation assignment, so switching channels/crashing around that time could land you in a different nation.
  • We've fixed an issue that caused some players to not be able to get past the character select screen; this happened on the Triumphus Server a few days ago.
  • We've added additional debugging for an issue that caused channel 4 (Mystic Server) to crash the other day.
  • Lunar Packets (and future event items) no longer stack separately when obtained from a quest, drop, and/or from the event chest. Unfortunately, this only applies to newly found items.
  • Nian now spawns where the last instance boss was killed, instead of at the "end area" of an instance.
  • The Buff Event NPC has been adjusted so that players can choose single, double, or triple buff durations. There is an additional charge of 500K Leni for double durations (250K for subscription users) and 1M Leni for triple durations (500K for subscription users).
  • Gem Crafting level 100 is now needed to use the Reforging skill, as it was meant to be.