Instance & Party Changes

We've been working hard on changes to the instance, party, and drop system to provide everyone with a more rewarding and user-friendly way to play together (based on player feedback & suggestions). Please feel free to provide feedback and additional suggestions if you feel we missed or overlooked something in this update.


General Changes

  • Fixed an issue with trading that caused Leni not to update sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Channels 4 and 5 to crash.
  • The Season duration announcement when you login game has been updated to show the correct end duration.
  • We've added Grade 2 and Grade 3 Aquamarine Gems to the game; they can only be found via instances. These gems upgrade your earrings by x2 or x3 stat levels.


Previously Announced Instance Changes

  • We have changed how the difficulty of instance monsters is controlled so that we have full control over the offensive/defensive capabilities of instance monsters. Previously, we simply increased the offensive/defensive values of all instance monsters by a percentage based on the instance difficulty, but now we can assign exact values to different monsters and different difficulties.
  • We have removed the drop rate buff that instance monsters receive when picking a higher instance difficulty. This buff was preventing us from adequately assigning drop rates. For example, previously, a level 10 instance offered players a 500% drop rate buff. This seemed like a lot, but because this buff was for all drops, it meant that we had to keep drop rates low. This was because 500% for an item with a 0.5% drop rate resulted in a 2.5% drop rate, but an item with a 10% drop rate resulted in a 50% drop rate. So some items would quickly become far too common with high/decent rates, while others remained still very rare.
  • Instead of the drop rate buff, instance monsters now have their own unique drops based on both the player's level and the instance difficulty (previously, it was only based on the player's level, and the instance difficulty just provided a drop rate buff). This allows us to more fairly control the drop rates of specific items based on the difficulty of the instance, allows for certain items to only drop starting at certain difficulties, and allows us to offer weaker/stronger items at certain difficulties (such as with lower/higher stats).
  • We have added an Instance Meeting Stone to the start of every instance; it can be used to teleport out of an instance at will.
  • Instance members are now notified if an instance boss drops items or not, and if they do, it tells the party who received the drops.
  • Players now receive different amounts of instance coins based on the instance difficulty:
    • Difficulty 1-5: 1 Instance Coin (2 if subbed)
    • Difficulty 6-9: 2 Instance Coins (4 if subbed)
    • Difficulty 10: 3 Instance Coins (6 if subbed)
  • The Instance Interface, Tormac, Help Interface, and Website Guide have been adjusted to provide more information about the above changes.


Previously Announced Party Changes

  • The Party Interface no longer moves your character while you drag it around.
  • Party leaders may no longer kick party members.
  • Instead, all party members now have the ability to trigger a Vote to Kick option.
    • Once a user triggers a Vote to Kick, the party (except the person being voted against) will be notified of who started the Vote Kick and who the vote is for.
    • All members will have 60 seconds to vote if they want the player kicked or not.
    • When all members have voted or when the 60 seconds have expired, the option with the most votes will happen. In the case of a tie, it will be treated as a failed kick.
  • Party leaders can now pick a party drop setting in the party interface.
    • Last Hit: The person who hits the monster last gets the drops. This is how the drop system previously worked.
    • Random: A random in-view party member gets the drops. This is now the default selection. Island Monsters ignore this rule and always use the Last Hit rule.


Not Previously Announced Instance Changes

  • At minimum, all difficulties have had the following changes made:
    • Difficulty 1-2: Various base drop rates adjusted.
    • Difficulty 3-4: Minimum 25% more drop rate (compared to difficulty 1).
    • Difficulty 5-6: Minimum 50% more drop rate (compared to difficulty 1).
    • Difficulty 7-8: Minimum 100% more drop rate (compared to difficulty 1).
    • Difficulty 9: Minimum 200% more drop rate (compared to difficulty 1).
    • Difficulty 10: Minimum 300% more drop rate (compared to difficulty 1).
    • Various drop tables received an overall 5% pick rate increase.
    • Please note these are all MINIMUM changes; each bracket/difficulty has received various additional changes, such as individual drop rate increases, what items drop at what difficulty, what level those items drop at, how many stats those items drop with, and how many of that item drops, etc. You can read our Instance Guide on our website to get a more comprehensive listing of what drops where (
  • Dungeon Crates
    • Every boss in an instance now has a chance to drop a Dungeon Crate for the bracket and difficulty of the dungeon it was found in.
    • The Dungeon Crate will reward the finder with a class-specific piece of equipment.
    • Neither the equipment nor the crate is able to be traded to other players.
    • The stat levels of the items found in the crate vary depending on the bracket and difficulty they were found in. If you open a crate and no item is found, you instead receive a class-specific item that is 2 min/max levels lower than the lowest stat level available for that crate.
  • Instance Loot Boxes no longer have a chance to drop nothing, instead the small amount of gems drop now has a 100% drop rate if nothing else drops.


March 20 Patch Notes

  • The in-game Help Interface now displays the English version of all help pages if there is no translated version available for the currently selected language (such as Korean, at present).
  • Mailboxes have been added to West Windmill Village, East Windmill Village, Ladianes Harbor, and Floating Village.
  • Fixed some minor localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Hau that prevented Hau monsters from being assigned a level bracket, resulting in a difficulty of 0 and no drops.
  • Instance loot messages now appear in a shade of green and state the name of the boss killed.
  • Your chosen difficulty is now saved for future instance creations when creating an instance.
  • Clonium Liquid has been added to the Instance Bracket 6 loot tables.
  • Drag and drop instructions have been added to all items that need to be used on other items.
  • The nation assignment code has been adjusted so that non-season characters are not assigned nations on season channels, preventing them from occupying space in the nation registry on season channels (where they cannot participate).
    • Season characters are still assigned to nations on non-season channels.
    • Any non-season character previously registered to the nation registry on a season channel has been automatically removed from the season channel's nation registry after this update.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to DC during vote kicks.