April 8th Patch Notes

General Changes

  • We've made some backend changes to more easily return items to players when they are lost due to being sold to an NPC or vanishing on the floor.
  • The Wandering Dragon no longer automatically adds the Wandering Dragon Head to the player's inventory; instead, it drops on the floor.
  • The name "White Perl Earring" has been changed to "White Pearl Earring," and some other localization changes have been made.
  • The following Purified Orb Merchant prices have been adjusted:
    • Prices for White Pearl Earring, Shadow Earring, Etic Earring, and Alseides Earring have been reduced.
    • Prices for Level 9 & 10 Master Skill books have been reduced to 12 for each book.
  • Players can no longer target members of their own party while PvP is enabled.
  • The new transformation skill books have been added to all drop tables that previously dropped Transformation Skill books (such as in Delphiroth Floor 4).
  • The Courage Medal store has been changed to an actual store, and the items sold are now more in line with the Wind Flower & Purified Orb stores.


Instance & Party Changes

  • Instance Bracket 1 (Levels 120-159) monsters have had their AP increased by 60% & absolute damage increased by 60%.
  • Instance Bracket 2 (Levels 160-200) monsters  have had their AP increased by 85% & absolute damage increased by 85%.
  • Instance Bracket 3 (Levels 201-239) monsters  have had their AP increased by 85% & absolute damage increased by 35%.
  • Instance Bracket 4 (Levels 240-275) monsters  have had their AP increased by 10% & absolute damage increased by 20%.
  • We've added a Round Robin loot mode to the party system.
    • This loot mode will give each member in the party a turn to have a chance to receive loot when a monster is killed.
    • If a member is offline or out of view of the monster that was killed, their turn is skipped.
    • Boss drops use a different turn tracker than normal drops (so killing trash monsters won't affect your party's boss drops and vice versa).