Season 1 Ending & Additional Patches

Season 1

Unfortunately, the time has finally come to say goodbye to Season 1. We would like to thank everyone for playing, and I hope everyone enjoyed the very first season channels! We've received a lot of positive feedback regarding season channels since they were released 3 months ago, much of this feedback has resulted in changes throughout the season. We'll be continuing work on the game based on this feedback, and we will also be making changes to Season Channels & Season Characters (for Season 2 and onwards).

Season 1 will automatically end in a few hours. Players can expect the following things to happen when that process begins:

  • Season characters, tribes, and items will automatically be converted into non-season characters, tribes, and items. This means previous season characters, tribes, and items will now be able to interact with all characters, tribes, and items (and vice versa).
  • Players on Channel 4 and 5 will be automatically moved to another channel.
  • Season characters will no longer be able to be created.
  • A new season start date notification may appear, but this is NOT the correct date (if it appears at all, it is there only as a placeholder).

Many players have begun to ask when Season 2 will start. Unfortunately, we don't have an exact date yet for Season 2. The release of Season 2 will happen either when we release on Steam (or shortly after we release on Steam). Between now and then we have a lot of work to do to improve seasons, as well as introduce new content for players to enjoy. A rough estimate of when Season 2 will start is sometime between 2-3 months from now, but this is not a definite estimate. We'll try and keep everyone posted with our progress and when we have an exact date outlined.

We'll also be announcing the winners for the Season Events sometime in the next few days.


General Changes

  • We've fixed an issue that caused events to occur earlier than expected when they are scheduled more than a month away (such as with seasons).
  • Hit Rate, Dodge Rate, Drop Rate, Leni Drop Rate, Red Magic Defense %, and Blue Magic Defense % now display the correct values up to 2 decimal places. Previously, they only displayed whole numbers and/or up to 1 decimal place of precision.
  • Fixed a bug with the Nation System that caused players' nations to change after a server restart based on if they last signed into the game on a season or non-season channel.
  • We've started working on a "Buy Back" feature for NPC stores; this update has some client updates that already include some small changes for this feature. However, their functionality has been disabled until it is fully released.
  • We've fixed an issue with the Round Robin Loot Mode that caused players to be skipped if someone under them in the order list left the party.


Upgrade Rate Changes

  • Based on the results of the "Upgrade Rate Increases" poll on the Eonic Games Discord, we have moved the season character upgrade rates over to all characters.
  • For now the upgrade rate boost will continue to be applied as a buff for all players.
  • The next restart after Season 1 finishes, we will move the buff to a base upgrade rate increase. This will make the default safe stat levels appear correctly.


Instance Changes

  • Based on player feedback, we took a look at the damage difficulty level 10 instance bosses were doing across each of the level brackets.
  • After the last update, they were all doing the correct amount of damage relative to instance bracket 6 (levels 300+), except bracket 1 (Levels 120-159) which should have been doing MORE damage.
  • We would like to remind everyone that lower level brackets should NOT be easier to tank/complete compared to a higher level bracket. It should always be roughly the same difficulty, providing you are using gear with comparable stats for your level bracket.
  • Nonetheless, we decided to reduce the base AP/damage of instance monsters so that they deal roughly the same percentage of damage as Instance Bracket 1 (Levels 120-159) is doing. These changes are as follows:
    • Instance Bracket 2 (Levels 160-200) monsters have had their AP reduced by 5%, and absolute damage reduced by 20%.
    • Instance Bracket 3 (Levels 201-239) monsters have had their absolute damage reduced by 25%.
    • Instance Bracket 4 (Levels 240-275) monsters have had their AP reduced by 5%, and absolute damage reduced by 30%.
    • Instance Bracket 5 (Levels 276-299) monsters have had their absolute damage reduced by 25%.
    • Instance Bracket 6 (Levels 300+) monsters have had their absolute damage reduced by 25%.
  • With the above changes, no matter your level, if you are a Blade Warrior you will be able to survive 1-3 hits depending on your equipment, level, and stat distribution.