Steam News & Season 2 Preview


We've been trying to contact Steam's anti-virus company to whitelist Turf Battles. Unfortunately, they've failed to respond to any of our communication attempts since we announced Season 2. This is not unusual for anti-virus companies, at least in my experience.

This means we will have to make various changes to the game and the Eonic Games Launcher before it is released on Steam. We expect this will result in our Steam release occurring during Season 2 instead of at the start of Season 2. Please note that this is not certain, and it might still be released with Season 2. However, there are several other things we need to complete before Season 2 starts, so it is unlikely we will be able to dedicate the necessary time for these changes before Season 2 begins.


Live Server Patch Notes

The following changes were implemented on the live servers on July 11.

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the Triumphus Server to crash.
  • Players can no longer go directly under the Crystal Room or above it.
  • The Roof Top Hop quest has been adjusted so players no longer spawn above the Crystal Room, instead they spawn on the roof top of a house.
  • We've fixed an issue that caused players with slow connections to be disconnected after 1-5 minutes of logging in.
  • The game launchers repair & install feature has been optimized to include the latest released patch files (less download time).


Season 2 Update Preview

The following updates are only some of what is being released with Season 2. We have purposefully omitted various changes/updates because of how they might affect the current game. We will provide additional updates and more detailed information on some of the below-mentioned updates on August 1, 2024.


Partially Announced Changes
We are providing some information on the following changes, but not all. We will provide more information on these changes the day before Season 2 starts.

  • Delphiroth Dungeons: We've made various changes to the Delphiroth Dungeons to better support solo player farming/leveling.
  • Balance Changes: Various balance changes are coming when Season 2 starts (and during Season 2, based on feedback). These changes are ongoing, so please voice your thoughts/opinions on our Discord suggestion channels.
  • New Quest Lines: We will release a series of new quests that can be completed to solo level higher than the existing quest lines (which currently support leveling up to 160).


General Changes

  • Due to player feedback, players now run slower when holding their weapon in their hands (instead of on their back). If the weapon is on your back, you still run at full speed.
  • The Transmog Icon for items now vanishes when a transmog item is diffused.
  • Fixed an issue with some inputs where if you pressed enter, the input would no longer be usable, requiring an interface restart.
  • Various NPC interfaces (such as Reforging, Hair Salon, Transmog, Warehouse, Dialog, etc.) now have an auto-close distance (previously it only closed when out of range, sometimes).


Season-Specific Changes

  • Based on feedback from Season 1, season characters can no longer participate in the following content on non-season channels until one month has passed since the season started:
    • Entering/Taking Islands/Turfs
    • Civil War Event
    • Reaper Event
    • Soccer Event
    • Catastropha Cavern Event
  • Tribes must now register for the Ladianes Civil War on both Non-Season & Season Channels separately.
  • Season Tribes now earn x2 experience.


Player Titles

We have added Player Titles to the game. These titles will appear in red above a players head (next to their name) and can be earned by winning non-random season contests.

  • Non-random contests are any contest where the winner is not chosen at random (such as Season 1's Level Race & Highest PK Points contests).
  • Characters that won contests during Season 1 will be awarded titles on the character that won the contest.
  • In the future we plan to expand this feature to automatically reward/remove titles based on different kinds of statistics. For example, automatically being given the Top Pker title if you pass the player with the top PK Points (and removing it from the previous top pker). This might be done during Season 2 (or even before), it depends on how far along we get with other updates and Steam.

Player Titles Image

Player Location Synchronization
We've spent a lot of time improving the accuracy of other players' locations on your screen. We are still restricted by the age of the game engine, so synchronization issues may still occur, but it should be better than before. Specifically, players should notice an improvement with players that have higher move speeds.

These changes are highly experimental. Should issues arise, we will revert the changes. However, we have not noticed any abnormal issues during our testing.


Automatic Upgrade Interface

Based on player feedback, we've developed a new interface that can be used to automatically upgrade equipment to a desired stat level (if successful).

  • This new interface can be accessed by speaking with any Blacksmith (such as Jakar).
  • Players must confirm the auto-upgrade attempt by typing "CONFIRM X," where X is the desired stat level.
  • Players can only use Sephiroth, Sephiroth Choice, Blue Tear, Red Honor, Clonium, and Clonium Choice gems in the new interface.
  • When using a Sephiroth Choice or Clonium Choice gem, players can pick the stat that is upgraded. Otherwise, the upgraded stat is random during each upgrade attempt.
  • You can only use a non-choice gem on items that either have one stat or have all their stat levels lower than the item's Default Safe Stat Level.
  • Each time the interface is used, players will be charged 100,000 Leni (100,000 Leni per auto upgrade attempt, not per stat level).
  • The upgrade process will continue until one of the following happens:
    • The goal stat level is successfully reached.
    • The player runs out of the selected upgrade gem.
    • The item breaks during the upgrade process.

Auto Upgrade

Mobile Box/Mobile Store Box

The "Mobile Store Box" has been renamed to the "Mobile Box" and can now do the following:

  • Open an empty Store Window
  • Open the Production Interface
  • Open the Automatic Upgrade Interface


Cost Package Stores
We've made a new interface for players to more easily purchase items from NPCs. Previously, players had to go through text dialogs with NPCs to make these purchases.

  • Through disabled buttons and color-coded quantity displays, this new interface also tells you if you have enough cost items to purchase a specific item.
  • If you enter a number greater than what you can afford, it will automatically change to the maximum amount you can afford.
  • The interface checks your inventory, resource collection, and total Leni when determining if you can afford an item.
  • All purchases with this interface have a confirmation box where you must type "CONFIRM.".
  • The following NPC's now use this new interface:
    • Zipped Gem Merchant
    • Fantastic Gem Merchant
    • Vernon
    • Luan
    • Salamu

Cost Package Interface