The Season of Turf Battles!

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What is coming to Turf Battles in the next few days?

Didn't you read the title of this article? Seasons! We know, it's ironic because there has been discussions about seasons popping up on the forums lately, but we have been working on this update for months now.


What is a Season Server?

A Season Server is a separate server from the main Triumphus Server. Season Servers only last for a certain amount of time (3 Months) before they are taken down. However, during those 3 months anyone playing on a Season Server will get to enjoy an abundance of perks for playing on a season server.


What happens at the end of the Season Server, do I lose all my characters?

Absolutely not! We would never put users through the headache of gearing up a character only to lose it! When the season server is over all your characters & items will be merged onto the main Triumphus Server. If your account on the main Triumphus Server is already full of characters, we will automatically create a new account for you and notify you of the login information for it.


Perks of Playing on a Season Server

As we already mentioned, Season Servers are special because you get to enjoy a bunch of new content, buffs, events, & event contests that are only available in or even during a Season Server! To be clear, Season Servers will have a large amount of content added to them that is only available on the Season Server until it closes, then that content is merged on to the Triumphus Server after the Season ends.

However, there are some boosts that will ONLY be available while playing on a Season Server and that will NOT transfer to the Triumphus Server.


What updates are going to be available on the Season Server?

  • More Quests
    • We've added a bunch of new quests into the game. There is now over 80 quests and counting! Be sure to checkout your Notifications Window (Ctrl+N) to find out when and where you can start a new quest.
  • East Ladianes
    • We have finished populating East Ladianes with monsters, quests, & NPCs. (Minus the Island off the coast of East Ladianes, this is for a future update). Players ranging from levels 100 - 240ish will be able to level in East Ladianes, alone or with a party.
  • Purified Orbs
    • Much like with the southern part of East Ladianes, the northern part of East Ladianes also has a rare resource that can be found from the newly added monsters. Monsters now drop a variety of different Corrupt Orbs (Yellow, Blue, Red, Violet) that can be purified deep inside East Ladianes. The resulting Purified Orb can be used to purchase useful & even rare items from another NPC.
  • Suffering Soul Cave (SSC)
    • We are releasing a new instance called the Suffering Soul Cave. 
    • This instance is for levels 120-160.
    • In order to enter the Suffering Soul Cave, you must first complete and progress through a Quest Line inside of Wasteland.
  • Gem Shards & Supreme Gems
    • By popular demand we've taken a deeper look into upgrading and how rewarding it can or can't be. Users who upgrade a stat and break the item while upgrading will receive gem shards equal to the level of the stat that broke. So if you broke a ring with +6 Defense on it, you will receive 6 Sephiroth Gem Shards.
    • Once you have 500 of the same Gem Shard you can combine these shards into a Supreme Gem.
    • Supreme Gems work like their normal counterparts, they have the same upgrade rates. However, if the gem fails to upgrade the item, only the gem will be lost. In other words, it protects your item!
    • Supreme Gems will not work on specialty equipment (Anything that is .5 in level, such as Eonic Weapons & Clergy/Sephiroth Gowns).
    • Supreme Gems can not be used in combination with Reforged Stats (that would be really over powered).
  • Boss Events
    • Several different types of random Giant Bosses will be spawning in game on Channel 3 at completely random times (sometimes hours apart, sometimes days) for up to 30 minutes.
    • Players must group together to kill the boss 
    • These bosses drop some pretty decent loot such as: Level 11 Items, Skill Books, Gems, etc.
    • The most valuable (rare but possible to obtain) drop you will be able to receive from these bosses is.... Mini-Boss Eggs!
    • Mini-Boss Eggs hatch at level 25 into Mini-Boss Pets (miniature versions of the boss you got the egg from).
    • Mini-Bosses work the same way as Final Evolution pets all the way from level 25 to level 100!
  • Anti-Hack System
    • We will be releasing the first version of our new Anti-Hack System.
    • This new system is able to detect hacks that haven't even been made yet.
    • Users that are caught trying to speed hack will receive Accounts Bans AND Hardware Bans! This means you will be unable to play Turf Battles at all, unless you purchase a new computer of course.
  • Change to existing systems
    • Players can now use Pet Points on Health & Mana and they will award the user extra HP/Mana.
    • We have made it so users can use Long Range Return Scrolls anywhere (even in places that it wasn't allowed before). The one condition is that you must remain out of combat for a minimum of 10 seconds before you are allowed to use the Long Range Return Scroll.
    • We have made it so users can no longer switch channels in areas that award PK Points or Soul Shards.
    • We have re-made some systems in order to optimize their performance (such as Buffs).
    • Hau Event EXP has been boosted, and monster size reduced.
    • There was a few other minor changes made, but you will notice them in game.
    • We have made it so you can hold up to 300 Potions in one stack.
  • There will be a nation wipe happening once a month on Season Servers.


What content is going to be available ONLY exclusively the Season Server?

  • Increased Upgrade Rates on Blessing Equipment
    • Yes you sure did read that right! Blessing equipment will have an increased upgrade rate ONLY on the Season Server.
  • Season Only Pet
    • One of the Giant Bosses from the Boss Events will be a new monster that has never been in Turf Battles.
    • It will drop a Season pet that is ONLY available during this Season.
    • Once the Season is over it will never be able to be found again.


Will there be some updates also put on the Triumphus Server?

Yes, we will be adding some updates.

  • The Anti-Hack System will be on both servers.
  • We have removed banned accounts from the Player Rankings, we have also voided Banned accounts PK Points in Tribe Rankings.
  • We will be starting a advertising campaign across multiple platforms (some that cater hundreds of thousands of gamers).
  • We will start accepting Moderator applications on June 11 (we will make a post on the forums for it).


When Does the Season Server Start?

We will be shutting the Triumphus Server down on June 12 at roughly 1PM EST. Once maintenance is over (about one hour) both the Season & the Triumphus Server will be put back online.


How long will the Season Server Last?

3 Months


Is there anything else we should know about?

Well yes, actually there is! Players who participate in the Season Server will be eligible to win some very nice prizes (real life prizes of course). We're giving away over $5000 worth of prizes. We will post the prizes, and ways you could win when we open the season server.

We will give everyone a heads-up about the grand prize, it will be won given to the first place contestant in a PvP tournament (1 vs 1 battles, more info to come later).

That being said, everyone wanting to participate in the tournament better bring their A game!



I hope everyone is as excited as we are!