New Year, New Updates

We hope everyone enjoy their holidays & had a happy new year. We've got some new updates to share with you all!


Ghost Castle Changes

  • Ghost Yuba & Ghost May now have the ability to drop the following level 12 Materials (they each drop different materials):
    • Titanium
    • Iron Ore
    • Diluted Chemicals
    • Sephiroth Cloth
    • Red Dye
    • Blue Dye
    • Elemental Energy
    • Spiritual Cube
  • Please note that they still drop RH/BT also and this does NOT affect their level 12 raw material item drop rate.


Reaper Event Changes

  • Reaper event is now a global event that happens only ONCE every 3-4 hours on a random channel.
  • Instead of the Reaper rewarding party members with 5 Soul Shards (15 with a x3 Soul Shard buff) it now rewards the winning party with 15 Soul Shards (45 with a x3 Soul Shard buff) on the Triumphus Server & 30 Soul Shards (90 with a x3 Soul Shard Buff) on Season Servers.
  • We have increased the Skeleton Archers surrounding the Reaper to level 300 (they were displaying as blue before due to their low level).


Delphiroth Floor 3 Changes

  • We've changed how Delphiroth Floor 3 works to accommodate players who are unable to progress due to being PKed.
    • Channel 1 is a PvP enabled zone. Meaning you can PK players at will without punishment here.
    • Channel 2 is a Fame enabled zone. Meaning you can PK players at will, but you will be receive fame punishments if you initiate the fight (PK a non-green named player).
    • Channel 3 is a PvP disabled zone. Meaning you will be unable to enter PvP mode.
  • We've nurfed Physical Damage by 10%.
  • We've nurfed Magical Damage by 15%.
  • We've increased the level of all non-boss monsters by 10, this will allow users to solo level off of these monsters until level 280ish.
  • We've increased the EXP rewarded from killing bosses by 20% for levels 270-300.


Rampao Temple Changes

  • Increased EXP gains by 30%.
  • Decrease HP of monsters of 10%.
  • Decrease ALL monster damage by 15%.


Hau Changes

  • When the Hau Event starts, only the Black Witch & her orc assassins will appear.
  • Both nations will need to fight each other & defeat the Black Witch, the first to kill the Black Witch will gain ownership of Hau Island for the remainder of the event.
  • Once the Black Witch has been defeated, the losing nation will be teleported out & the all the other regular Hau Monsters will appear.
  • For every 5 monster kills, players of the winning nation will still receive a hau reward chest from the Hau Elder.
  • All Hau monsters have received a 250% EXP boost.
  • Hau now will only last a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Hau event will occur randomly every 6-8 hours on Channel 1.
  • A notification is now sent every 10 minutes indicating the current state of the Hau Event (if it is on).


Account Locking System

  • We've added a new account locking system to the game. This is an additional security feature for your account.
  • Players are able to add a lock to their account so that in order to perform certain tasks, the account must first be unlocked using a 6 digit pin.
  • While locked, accounts will be unable to do the following:
    • Convert Items from PREVIOUS login sessions into other items (such as by opening pouches).
    • Drop Items that were found from PREVIOUS login sessions.
    • Trade Items that were found from from PREVIOUS login sessions.
    • Delete Warehouses
    • Delete Characters
    • Sell Items from PREVIOUS login sessions to stores.
    • Use Booths
    • Upgrade Items from PREVIOUS login sessions.
    • Reforge Items from PREVIOUS login sessions.
  • The Locking System can be accessed by via the Menu button and clicking the new Lock Icon, or by simply clicking Ctrl+L at the same time.
  • Once Unlocked, you can choose to remove your lock by entering it again.
  • Please note for those of you who share accounts, we highly suggest you use this functionality as it completely protects you from being scammed by your ‘friends'. We will no longer be providing support in terms of returning lost items unless this feature is enabled.

Account Lock Interface

Terms of Service Changes

  • Please note we will be sending emails out shortly with all these changes, as well as updating the actual ToS pages. If you do not agree to the changes, simply do not use our services. By continuing to use our services you are agreeing to these changes.
  • Changes to Social Interaction
    • Eonic Games Inc will not allow for any form of offensive social interactions or cyber bullying while on or using any of our Services. General guidelines of how not to communicate or treat others are as follows:
    • There shall be no personal attacks, sexist comments, bigotry, and/or racism allowed in chat.
    • Extreme use of profanity towards other users will not be tolerated.
    • Directing or linking users to pornographic, offensive, and/or personal websites is strictly prohibited.
    • Do not pester or provoke other users into breaking the rules. Both users will be punished.
    • Do not discuss religion or politics in global chat environments.
    • Do not speak badly about the game or try to convince other users to stop playing. This includes saying things along the lines of “game dead”.
    • No user shall try to bully another user out of accessing neutral & non-competitive in game content. This includes continuously removing a user from a group party, urging other users to prevent a specific user from advancing in game, and signaling out a specific user repeatedly. Users are required to submit video or photographic evidence that irrefutably shows violation of this term.
    • Do not openly discuss account statuses or request information on yours or other users accounts, this should only ever be done via whispering a Moderator or GM or opening a Support Ticket on the account in question.
    • Failure to adhere to these terms will result in disabling of your ability to interact with others on a social level, and in some cases the disabling of your account for a period of time.
  • Changes to Accounts
    • Sharing accounts is not supported; if you choose to share an account we highly suggest you take every security measure possible to protect your account. This includes making use of extra security features such as our account locks. We will not return any items that are lost due to shared accounts or friends/family that may have access to your computer.


Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • We've increased the success rate of creating Eonic Weapons for each grade.
  • We've removed the ability to modify your chat color using outside codes.
  • We've removed the Islands/Turfs from the Turf Stop event.
  • We've made it so you can sell Undead Orders to NPC's.