Holidays End

The holidays are now over, Santa is leaving Turf Battles. Will he return next year? Most definitely! We hope that everyone enjoyed the Christmas Event & had great holidays.


The servers should be back online shortly, feel free to read up on all the bug fixes, changes, & updates we're adding today!


Lock System Changes

  • Fixed a logic issue with Account Lock that locked old items that were traded onto a locked account.
  • We've made it so if you switch channels, your Account Lock status transfers. So if you unlock your account, when you switch to a new channel it is still unlocked. However, if you completely logout it will be locked again.


Rue Island Changes

  • We've reduced the size of the guardian of Rue Island, so players who try to hide inside can now be targeted.


Ghost Castle Changes

  • Copper Ore & Nickel Mineral now drop in Ghost Castle.
  • Red/Blue Dragon scales now drop in Ghost Castle instead of Red/Blue Dye's.
  • We've lowered the drop rate of Diluted Chemicals in Ghost Castle.
  • We've reduced the size of the Creature King in Ghost Castle, so players who try to hide inside can now be targeted.


Changes to Level 12 Set Effects

  • Ablaze Staff Red Touch rate increased to 10% from 7% with Flame Edge.
  • Murciel Set Block Critical rate reduced to 30% from 50%.
  • Acord Set Remove Stun rate reduced to 35% from 50%.
  • Aplite Set Remove Stun rate reduced to 35% from 50%.
  • Ablaze Set Avoid Mana Steal rate reduced to 40% from 50%.
  • Glacies Set Avoid Mana Steal rate reduced to 40% from 50%.
  • Glacies Stick Icy Feet rate increased to 18% from 15% with Ice Crystal.


Chat System Changes

We've upgraded our chat system so as to make it less cluttered with notification messages & so it can be easily managed by players.

  • Players can now filter chat messages by type. This includes the following types:
    • All
    • Tribe
    • Whisper
    • Party
    • Newbie
    • PVPChannel
    • Team
    • System
  • System messages now appear in a separate closable frame as well as optionally in chat.
  • Chat Window & System Message Window can be moved throughout the game window.
  • Right clicking a user's name in chat & sending the block command now automatically adds the user you your "Blocked Group" in your buddies window. Preventing you from EVER seeing that specific users messages again (unless you /Unblock them or delete them from the Blocked Group in the buddies window).

New Chat 



Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from entering Duan on Channel 3.
  • Fixed a bug when a pet reached 0 hunger on a subscribed character, the hunger state would show a long invalid property.
  • Fixed a bug with ALL Eonic Weapons that made ALL their stats pull from the wrong list of stats. Most Eonic weapons, if not all, should now give more AP from their stat points.
  • We've fixed Delphiroth Floor 3, so you can use a Return Scroll on Channels 2 & 3. While on Channel 1, you have to be out of combat for 10 seconds or more before you can use the return scroll.