Changes, Fixes, & Upcoming Updates

The servers are now offline and will be back online in about 10 minutes (estimated 5:10 PM EST).


Nation Reset

  • We've fixed a bug with Nation Reset that made players who were offline at the time of the automatic reset not lose their nation.
  • Due to the above bug, we've reset the nations once more.
  • Nation resets will now happen once every 2 weeks, instead of once a month.
  • We now remove all nation change cooldowns when resetting nations.


Level 12 Item Set Changes

  • The Glacies stick no longer slows targets; instead it now has a chance to double the damage of Ice Crystal.
  • The Acord Set's "Enraged Warrior" effect now increases AP by 8% instead of 5%.
  • The Murciel Set's "Enraged Warrior" effect now increases AP by 8% instead of 5%.


Misc Changes

  • We've made users unable to PK their same nation while in Hau Island. The island is meant for nation based PvP, not tribe or friend based PvP.
  • We've made it so users who teleport into areas where you gain PK points, using an NPC, must wait 5 seconds before using another NPC.


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug that made it so you couldn't use Black Touch for 6 seconds on a target who has received Black Touch Cure from a White or Yellow mage.
  • We fixed 3 client crashes that were happening frequently last week.
  • We fixed a bug with the Reaper Event that caused it to be killed twice.
  • Fixed a bug with Demonic & Gold Eonic Weapons stats.


Future Update

We've often received complaints that the nations during the Frozenland War are either imbalanced or even non-existent. We are planning to change nation based content so that nations are randomly assigned at the start of EACH Frozen Land war. The way this will work is as follows:

  • Players will be able to register once every Nation War Reset for the Nation Wars (so once every 2 weeks).
  • Similarly, you can un-register so that you are no longer part of the Frozenland War.
  • Once registered, you must wait until the next Frozenland War.
  • Once it starts ALL registered users will be semi-randomly assigned a Nation.
  • All users will KEEP their assigned nation (even if they lose the Frozenland War) until the next Frozenland War (where a semi-random selection will be made again).
  • Please note that the nations WILL also transfer to the Hau Event.


Some of you might be asking, why are you doing this? Well, the main reason is to even out the playing field between nations. However, we also want to force the nation aspect of Frozenland. We've ALWAYS said that Frozenland is a nation based area. However, it typically ends up turning into a Tribe prioritized area. This should help address both issues, as well as provide a healthy increased amount of PvP during the Frozenland War.