Nation Changes

The servers are now back online from todays update.


Nation Content Changes

In order to provide everyone with a fairer and well balanced PvP/ PvE experience during nation based content, we have changed how nations are selected.

  • Users will no longer be able to pick what nation they join, instead their nations will be assigned randomly at the start of EVERY Frozenland War.
  • In order to be assigned a nation, users must first apply at any Nation Registrar (there is one by each Frozenland entrance Crystal). Similarly, if you no longer wish to participate in any Nation based content you can unregister at the same NPC.
  • Once registered, you will be assigned your nation at the start of EVERY Frozenland War. Just remember, you MUST register.
  • Nation Registrations will be cleared once every 2 weeks automatically.
  • Players will only need to register for a nation once every 2 weeks (once every time nation registrations are reset).
  • Your randomly selected nation will also be used for the Hau Island event.
  • We may tweak the nation match making system in the future if needed, but currently it should produce interesting match making results.


Hau Event

The Hau Event can no longer start DURING or 2 hours before the Frozenland War. This works by checking if there is 2 hours (duration of the Hau Event) or less until the next Frozenland War. If so, the Hau Event will schedule itself to check back every 10 minutes until the Frozenland War is complete.

So to summarize, if Hau was going to start 2 hours within or during the Frozenland War, it will now instead start somewhere between 1-10 minutes after the Frozenland War ends.


Official Discord

We've decided to create an official discord server where the community can come together to chat/talk. We'll be posting minor notices on this server when servers go online after each restart & when we post new news articles. Anyone interested in joining, the invite URL is . Please note that there are of course rules, and you are expected to read & follow them. The general idea, is be a good person.


Other Changes

  • We’ve increased the rate at which the Glacies Stick effect triggers.
  • We’ve started adding some backend improvements that we plan on fully releasing during Season 3, there should be no noticeable differences while playing. However, if you experience something strange… Please feel free to open a support ticket to report it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused deleted characters to return after awhile.