Season 2 Is Now Over

We hope everyone enjoyed Season 2; unfortunately it's now time to shut them down.


We will be shutting down both the Triumphus & the Season server at 6PM EST today. Both servers will remain offline for 1-3 hours while we merge the databases together.


Once the merge is complete, we will turn the Triumphus server back online. We've prepared a short little FAQ to help address some of the common concerns/questions we received at the end of the first season.



  1. My characters are missing after the merge, where are they?
    • If your characters are no longer on your account, it is because your account did not have enough room for all of your Triumphus & Season Server accounts.
    • We've created a new account for you and the information regarding that accounts login has been sent to your email address.
  2. I didn't receive an email, how do I know what my new account information is?
    • All new accounts will start with your original username and be postfixed with an underscore and a number starting from 0.
      • For example, if your original username was "bob", your new username might be "bob_0".
      • If "bob_0" already existed, the number would be increased by 1. Making your new username "bob_1".
    • All passwords will be the same as your original accounts passwords.
  3. Did all my items transfer?
    • Yes, all items in your inventory, equipment, warehouses, and even donation box were transferred to the Triumphus server.
  4. My character name is different, why?
    • When we merge characters, if the name you used already exists on the Triumphus Server, a new name with an underscore and a number is postfixed to your character name.
  5. My tribe & buddy list are gone, is this on purpose?
    • Yes this is on purpose.
    • Unfortunately, due to the automatic name changes it was not possible to transfer Tribes & Buddies between servers.
  6. When will prizes & tournament information be released?
    • Sometime between 24-48 hours after the merge.
  7. When will Season 3 start?
    • We are expecting to launch Season 3 sometime in April. We'll provide more information on the subject as it becomes available.