Nearing the End of a Season

We hope everyone has been enjoying Season 1. Unfortunately, time is almost up! So if you haven’t logged into Season 1 to take advantage of all the Season only content, you better hurry! Season 1 will be ending on September 20, so you still have a little over 2 weeks to get your grind on!


I’m sure a lot of people have a lot of questions regarding the game, the season, and when Season 2 will begin. So we’ve prepared a short FAQ for everyone.



When will Season 1 officially end?

Season 1 will be ending on September 20, 2017.


What about Boss Events?

Throughout Season 1 we have been fine tuning the game so as to reduce and eliminate different types of lag. We fixed a huge lag issue during the first few weeks of Season 1, but alas there was still some minor lag spikes left. We discovered that the lag was being generated through game events. Due to this reason, we delayed the release of Boss Events until the majority of the issue was resolved. Unfortunately, detecting & resolving the problem took longer than expected. As a result, we decided to release the Boss Spawn Event system at the start of Season 2 (otherwise there would be hardly enough time for anyone to obtain the Season only pet).


What about the new Turf Battles website?

The new Turf Battles website is now pretty much finished (our team is just ironing out some visual issues). We plan to release the new website sometime between now and the start of Season 2 (sometime before Season 2 actually starts).


What about the Season Contests?

We’ve made a separate post for this Season’s Contests. You can read more about it on our forums (


When will Season 2 start?

We hope to launch Season 2 about 1 month after Season 1 ends, although a solid date is not yet set in stone. We will announce it when we have decided on a date.


Will Season 2 introduce new content and what?

Yes! We have a lot of new content planned for Season 2. When we announce the Season 2 date, we will also announce all of the new Season 2 updates/content.


How will my Season 1 characters be transferred to the Triumphus Server?

We plan to transfer characters automatically. If your Triumphus Server account is already full, a new account will be created for you. We will contact you via your registered email address with the new login information for your account.


What if my character name is already taken on the Triumphus Server?

If your character name is already in use, we will randomly assign your character name a unique postfix. For example, if your character name on the Season server is Triumphus and the name Triumphus is already in use on the Triumphus Server, your name will be changed to Triumphus_X (where X is a random combination of numbers)