Season 3 Information

If you haven't heard yet, at the end of the Season 2 PvP Tournament, we announced that Season 3 will be starting on April 20th at 10AM EST.


As always, Season 3 will be jam packed with new goodies for everyone to enjoy & explore. We're taking a page from Season 2, and releasing a large amount of changes at the start of the season, followed by gradual updates/changes throughout the season. We've also taken into account a lot of player feedback when deciding what changes to implement for the start of Season 3.


Here's a small amount of information on what to expect at the start of Season 3. We will be providing more information on these changes when the Season actually starts, but here are the general ideas/concepts behind the changes.

  1. Transmogs
    • Players will be able to change the appearance of their items into other items using the new Transmoging System. The effects of Demonic & Gold equipment will work if you transmog another item with the Demonic/Gold item.
    • As an example, if you were to transmog a Aplite Bow with a Demonic Mystic Bow, the Aplite Bow would now look like a Demonic Mystic Bow and would have the same special effects as the Demonic Mystic Bow + Aplite Bow special effect.
  2. Deleting Items
    • Non-tradable/sellable items can now be deleted instead of dropped.
  3. Instance Changes
    • We've made it so instances can be started as either a 7 player or 15 player difficulties.
    • If you pick the 7 player difficulty, only a maximum of 7 players will be able to join the instance.
  4. Balance Changes
    • We'll be posting more about this when the Season is released. However, some classes may be seeing changes to their setup/abilities.
  5. Magic Monsters
    • We're changing how magic based monsters attack players, so that they don't shoot like machine guns.
  6. Rampao Temple Floor 2
    • The 2nd floor of Rampao Temple has been discovered, players will be able to enter and venture forth into this new instance.
  7. Tribe Changes
    • We've reduced the maximum tribe size; it is no longer dependant on the tribe leader's level.
    • Tribes will now have their own levels, players must work with their tribes to help level their tribe up.
    • Tribes will no longer be able to build alliances with other tribes right away.
    • Reaching new levels will unlock new perks for the tribes such as:
      • Higher maximum member size.
      • Multiple co leaders
      • Tribe announcements
      • Unlock ability to build alliances with other tribes & increase the amount of alliances that can be made.


Please remember this is only a brief rundown of SOME, not all, of the changes. There are more changes & not all the information regarding these updates has been provided yet.