Season 3 Is Upon Us

We have just taken down the Triumphus Server to begin the process of starting the Season Server. Both servers will be offline for the next 1-2 hours; we will update this news article once the servers are online.


Both the Season 3 Server & Triumphus Server are back online!



While you wait for the servers to come back online, read up on what's new on the servers!


Season Server Only Changes

  • Transmogs
    • Players will be able to change the appearance of their items into other items using the new Transmoging System.
    • You will only be able to transmog your items into other items that can be equipped by your characters class.
    • The effects of Demonic & Gold equipment will work if you transmog another item with the Demonic/Gold item.
    • As an example, if you were to transmog a Aplite Bow with a Demonic Mystic Bow, the Aplite Bow would now look like a Demonic Mystic Bow and would have the same special effects as the Demonic Mystic Bow + Aplite Bow special effect.
    • With the exception of the Demonic & Gold effect transfers, transmoging is completely only cosmetic.
    • Transmoging an item has a fee of 25,000,000 Leni. If you want to remove a transmog, you will have to use a Transmog Diffuser spell, which can be purchased at the Instance Store for 5 Instance Coins or at the Turf Shop for 5TC.
    • To get started with Transmogs, speak to Vanity in Ladianes Village (on the path to Crystal Room).
Vanity the Transmog NPC Transmog UI


  • Instance Changes
    • Players will now be able to change the maximum allowed players in an Instance between 7 and 15 players.
    • Instance monsters in an Instance with a maximum of 7 players will result in:
      1. Monsters having 50% less HP than a 15 man instance.
      2. Monsters granting 50% less EXP than a 15 man instance.
    • The actual instance party size can be adjusted by clicking the number next to the Party Size text, see the following screenshot.

Instance Window With Party Size


  • Rampao Temple Floor 2
    • The 2nd floor of Rampao Temple has been discovered, players will be able to enter and venture forth into this new instance.
    • This dungeon will be for levels 240-280.
    • Entering the dungeon will require you have started part 8 of the Army of the Undead quest line (a new quest).
    • Entering the dungeon will require 1 Ladian's Grace Item.

Rampao Temple Floor 2


  • Tribe Changes
    • Tribes now have their own levels and can level up until level 25.
    • Tribes can now have multiple co leaders.
    • We've added an Extra's Tab to the Tribe Window (see the Triumphus & Season Server Changes for more information).
    • Tribe Leaders will now be able to set Tribe Announcements, using the new Extra's Tab. Announcements are sent to tribe members each time they login.
    • The following changes have been made to how tribes work in relation to a tribes current tribe level:
      1. Maximum Member Size: Starts at 10 and increase by 2 every 5 levels.
      2. Maximum Co-Leaders: Starts at 1, at level 15 becomes 2, and at level 25 becomes 3.
      3. Maximum Allies: Starts at 0, at level 10 becomes 1, and at level 25 becomes 2.
      4. At level 10, tribe leaders will be able to create & update their tribes Tribe Announcement.
    • Tribe Wars
      1. Tribe Leaders will now be able to start Tribe Wars with tribes that are level 5 or above.
      2. This can be done by typing /Tribe War EnemyTribeName
      3. Tribes will only be able to start 1 tribe war every 1.5 hours, but can have multiple wars started against them.
      4. You can view your current score against enemy tribes by clicking the “Battle Info” checkbox in the Tribes Window.
      5. Each Tribe War lasts exactly 1 hour and starts 5 minutes after the command is typed.
      6. At the end of the war the winners are announced and the final scores displayed.
      7. Each time you kill a member of an enemy tribe, you will gain EXP for your tribe.
      8. All EXP is awarded at the end of the Tribe War.
      9. The winners of a Tribe War will have a multiplier of 2 applied to the total exp awarded.
      10. You can PK enemy tribe members without worrying about losing fame.
      11. Enemy tribes have their tribe names appear in red.
      12. Attempting to farm exp from alt tribes will result in your tribe level being reset & any perks received from said exp removed, repeated offenses will result in a ban.
      13. We have plans to extend this system throughout season three to even greater heights.

Tribe War


Triumphus & Season Server Changes

  • Deleting Items
    • Most items that cannot be traded, such as Karebears, can now be deleted by right clicking on the item and clicking “Delete Item”.
    • You will then be required to confirm the delete by typing “DELETE” in an input box.


  • Magic Monster Attack Speeds
    • We've made it so all magic monsters now have a minimum of 1 second delay between attacks, exactly how ranged monsters work.


  • Balance Changes
    • We've received quite a large amount of player feedback regarding the “unfairness” of Sylph stacking with TC Magic Defense buffs. While we disagree with this change, since it has been so popular… we have made it so Sylph and the 10% TC Magic Defense buff no longer stack.
    • We have been working on a drastic change to how White & Yellow magic buffs work, primarily how far they extend to other users.
      1. In a nutshell, we will be making it so White & Yellow magic scroll buffs will require the mage casting the buffs to be in viewing range of the players receiving the buffs.
      2. If a player who has the buff is not within range of the original caster, the buff is removed.
      3. This change will help stop players from using these buffs on AFK alts, and force players to have to actually PvP and build around playing these support classes.
      4. This change is not ready yet, but we will be releasing it later on in the Season Servers lifespan.
    • There are some other balance changes that will be made throughout this Season Server based on player feedback on both the Forums & Discord from last season.


  • Tribe Window
    • To accompany the large amounts of Tribe changes that were made for the Season Server, we've also added a new Tribe tab on the Tribe Window.
    • This new tab can be used to accomplish the following things:
      1. See what turfs/islands/castles your tribe owns.
      2. Create Ally Requests, leader only.
      3. Cancel Ally Requests, leader only.
      4. Reject Ally Requests, leader only.
      5. Accept Ally Requests, leader only.
      6. Cancel Existing Allies, leader only.
      7. View Existing Allies
      8. View your current Tribe Level. (Season Server only).
      9. View your current Tribe EXP. (Season Server only).
      10. View how many allies your tribe can make.
      11. View how many co leaders your tribe can have.
      12. View what Tribe Wars your tribe are currently in (Season Server only).
      13. View & update your Tribe's Announcement, leader only (Season server only).

Tribe Window Extras Tab

  • Frozenland
    • Due to the new random nation assignment system, the reduced Guard & King/Queen system is no longer needed. It has been turned off.


  • Other General Changes
    • We have increased the EXP given from bosses in Rampao Temple Floor 1.
    • We have decreased the HP of bosses in Rampao Temple Floor 1 by 20-40%.
    • Turtoids & Turtoid lords have been given double their previous EXP.
    • We have fixed a bug with ranged based monsters that made it so you could not see their attacks when they attacked other players.
    • The weapons given from the coffins in Rampao Dungeon no longer give users Shards when broken.
    • The required number of tribe members to enter an island/turf has been reduced to 5.
    • Due to the Tribe Changes, all tribes on the Triumphus Server will have their Co Leaders & allies reset.