Season 3 Bug Fixes

Over the last 24 hours we've been busy fixing a few bugs that made their way into Season 3; the following patches have been applied.

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented you from accepting new tribe members.
  2. Fixed a bug that prevented other players from seeing you attack.
  3. Fixed a bug that made WH items disappear (if you are missing WH items, open a support ticket, as we can restore them).
  4. Fixed a bug that made NPC's viewable for large distances & caused common crashes.
  5. Fixed a bug with the launcher that made servers not show.
  6. Fixed a bug with Attack Speed that made all classes attack faster than they should be when applying attack speed buffs or fanatical).
    • Please note your Attack Speed will now be showing you a lower number, but you will be attacking at the same speed as prior to Season 2.
  7. Fixed a bug that caused Blades & Fist Warriors to miss frequently.
  8. Fixed a bug that prevented access to Rampao Temple Floor 2.
  9. Tribes now gain tribe exp for taking ownership of a Turf.
  10. Tribes now gain tribe exp for winning the Ladianes Civil War.
  11. Fix drops on V2 monsters.
  12. We have moved the Hau Event to Channel 3 so that it does not interfere with PvP in GC/Rue on Channel 1.
  13. We have fixed a bug with Meteoric Shower and several other magic spells that prevented them from being used sometimes.
  14. Fixed a bug that prevented nations from saving registered users who were never assigned a nation.