Bug Fixes & Frozenland Changes

The servers have been shut down for tonight's update; they will be back online in 5-10 minutes. Below is a listing & explanation of the changes made.



Servers are now back online.



Frozenland Changes

We've been receiving a large amount of complaints about the current Frozenland nation selection system. Specifically, players dislike the fact that they are put into different nations than the rest of their tribe.

Players that share the same tribe & are registered for the nation war will now be given the same random nation as long as they are online when the Frozenland War starts. If you are offline, you will be assigned a random nation that may or may not be the same as the rest of your tribe. Beyond this, nation selection will remain the same.


General Changes & Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug that prevented items that were transmoged with Demonic & Gold equipment from giving EXP, Drop Rate, & PvE AP buffs.
  • We found a problem with how basic Skills were being configured & read by the server. This can be attributing to some players change in cutting/comboing abilities as well as the actual speed of attacks being too fast/slow as compared to before Season 3 started. We've fixed this problem, and it should resolve the issues.
  • We've changed the color of GM announcements to blue so they are easier to see.
  • We've increased the effects of Fanatical from 20% to 30%.
  • We've fixed a bug that in some rare situations what cause players to rollback to a previous, random, save state.