Eonic Games Launcher in Development

Eonic Games is growing and so we need to adapt our tools to accommodate for that growth. With that said, over the past month we have been working on a completely new Launcher, the Eonic Games Launcher.


The initial release of the launcher will be able to accomplish a wide variety of things including, but not limited to:

  • List all of ours games.
  • Download & Install any of our games.
  • Launch & Patch any of our games after having been installed.
  • Configure general settings for any of our games (such as language).
  • Display recent news articles posted on our website
  • Allow users to sign in directly to the Launcher.


The sky is the limit for changes & additions beyond its initial release. We would be adding new features to it such as:

  • Integration with our Support Ticket system.
  • Friends List
  • Messaging between friends
  • Integration with our eCoin Store & Item Malls
  • etc.


The following is a picture of the launcher in its current state.

Eonic Games Launcher