Season Three Has Ended

The season servers are now offline & we are in the process of turning the Triumphus server back online, with the entire season server data merged in. The process should be complete within the next 30 or so minutes (around 12:30 ET). Thank you to everyone who participated in all the fun of Season 3.


Due to the new mechanics & systems that were added exclusively during Season 3, specifically tribe based systems; we were forced to clean up the current state of the Triumphus server tribes. We have removed ALL non-leader players from tribes, ended all alliances, alliance requests, and tribe announcements.


Players should not experience any issues after the merge. However, as always, if you do feel that something is wrong please open a Support Ticket and we will look into it.



1) Where are my characters?

Please follow the guidelines outlined in this forum topic to locate your characters.


2) When will Season 4 start?

We are planning quite a bit of changes for season 4, due to this fact season 4 will be starting sometime between September & October, but there is no exact date yet. We will let you all know as soon as we can!


3) What about the PvP Tournament?

We will be hosting the PvP Tournament about 2 weeks after Season 3 has ended. We are hoping to make a separate article about this either later today or sometime tomorrow.


4) What about the contest prizes?

We need some time to look through the season data and determine the correct winner of each contest; you can expect the results to be posted within the next week or so.