August 21 Patch Notes

We've now restarted the servers and they are back online.


Please remember that this Sunday (August 26 at 3PM ET) is the Season 3 PvP Tournament. If you have not yet registered and would like to take part in one of the two tournaments, please register soon at the following forum topic ( To avoid confusion, here is the ET clock we will be using (


The following patches have been applied.


Locking Levels
Players may now only lock their level at the MAX level of each Island/Turf bracket. This means that players may now only lock their levels at the following levels:

  • 90
  • 120
  • 160
  • 200
  • 300


Hau Island Changes
The monsters on Hau Island (after the Black Witch has been killed) can no longer be damaged by level 300 players. We have done this to prevent needless KSing of EXP oriented monsters by members of the same nation.


Bug Fixes

  • Rampao Keys can be used at their respective teleports inside of Rampao Dungeon Floor 1 again.
  • Yellow/White mage buffs no longer take scrolls when the user using them has them on cooldown.
    • Similarily, if the user trying to use the buff is on cooldown, they can not cast the buffs on other party members UNTIL their cooldown is over.
  • A few issues that may have been causing various users to receive "Disconnected due to network error." disconnects has been resolved.