Season 4

Hello everyone, we will be starting Season 4 at 3PM ET today. The servers have now been shut down to prepare for this change. We will update this post when the servers go online or if there are any delays.


For the time being, enjoy the initial season patch notes.


Please note that the Triumphus Server will not be updated with the “Season Server Only” changes until Season 4 has ended (number 3 will not be going to the Triumphus server at all). Please also note that the “All Servers” changes will be going to the Triumphus server, but only in a few days after the Season Server has been online without issue.


Current Server Status - We will update this section of this news article when more news is posted.

  • Status: Season Server Online & Triumphus Server Offline
  • Reason: We are working through a few small issues before putting the Triumphus Server online.


Season Server Only

  1. Island Changes (Will go to Triumphus after Season 4 ends)
    • The backend systems have been remade for the islands/turf system.
    • Conquered message now shows the name of the invader & their tribe that took the island/turf.
    • Nado
      • We’ve added a new version of Nado on Channel 3.
      • This new version is for levels 160-200.
  2. Random Boss Spawns & Mini-Boss Pets (Will go to Triumphus after Season 4 ends)
    • We’ve added a new Boss to the rotation, a giant Turtoid.
    • The new boss can drop a Turtoid Egg, which can evolve into a Mini Turtoid at level 25.
  3. Production Skill & G12 Changes (Will NOT go to Triumphus after Season 4 ends)
    • We’ve provided a very generous reduction to the amount of EXP required in all Production Skills.
    • This reduction is ONLY available on Season Servers.
    • There have been some slight increases to the upgrade rates of G12 armors (not weapons).
  4. Ladianes Civil War (Will go to Triumphus after Season 4 ends)
    • We’ve changed the Ladianes Civil War so that it uses the original tax system.
    • Winning tribes will be able to control the tax that is applied when purchasing items from an NPC.
    • The winning tribe will be able to claim the total amount of taxed Leni.
    • Due to this change having the ability to provide players with a significant boost early game, we’ve disabled the Ladianes Civil War for the first week or so of the Season.
    • More information regarding how this will work will be posted upon its release.
    • Ladianes Castle Taxes UI
  5. Buff Event NPC (Will go to Triumphus after Season 4 ends)
    • Throughout the season we will be holding a variety of events, some of which allow users to activate buffs for a limited time.
    • When an event is active, you will be notified in game & you can speak to the new NPC named “Fubb” who is in the middle of Ladianes village (near the giant statue).
    • During the first 3 days of the Season Server we will be holding an EXP Event, players will be able to activate this buff at Fubb. The buff will give an extra 50% EXP and can be stacked with ALL other types of exp buffs.
    • Buff Event NPC
  6. Trading Post (Will go to Triumphus after Season 4 ends)
    • The Trading Post is an automated system that will allow users to purchase or sell existing items from other players.
    • Players can create either a “Purchase Transaction” or a “Sale Transaction”.
    • When creating ANY type of transaction there is a fee equal to 500K of a max stacksized item. For example, if you are trying to sell 1 Triumphus Sword, there is a fee of 500K. If you are trying to sell 5000 Turf Cash (in one stack) there is a fee of 500K. If you are trying to sell 3000 Turf Cash there would be a fee of 500,000 * (3000/5000) = 300000, 300K.
    • All transactions stay active in the Trading Post for a total of 72 hours (3 days), after that they expire.
    • All resulting items are sent to your Donation Box when a transaction partially completes, fully completes, expires, or is cancelled.
    • When purchasing an item, the system will automatically try and purchase the CHEAPEST item that fits your purchase requirements and is lower or equal to your maximum offer.
    • If a user only buys some of your items, you are notified & the rest of your items will remain for sale until they are either purchased or expire.
    • Subscription users can create a total of 15 transactions at the same time, while non-subscription users can create only 6.
    • You must be level 90 or above to use the Trading Post.
    • The Trading Post NPC can be found next to the Donation Box in Ladianes.
    • Pets cannot be sold in the trading post (unless they are still in their Egg form).
    • Please note this is the first version of the Trading Post, it is a large & complicated system so we will be making optimizations & quality of life changes to it as time goes on. So please feel free to provide us with feedback about it!
    • Trading Post NPC CarlTrading Post UI
  7. Catastropha Island (Will go to Triumphus after Season 4 ends)
    • We will be releasing this new island sometime around the third or fourth week of the Season Server.
    • We don’t want to give you all too much information on it, but players can expect new PvE & PvP content from it.
    • Catastropha Island content will be for levels 300+.


All Servers

  1. Rock Island
    • All Turtoids & Turtoid lords have had a 30% reduction to their total AP & HP.
    • All Turtoids & Turtoid lords have received an EXP increase.
    • The Turtoid Lord no longer spawns based off of a timer, instead it will spawn after 30 normal Turtoids have been killed.
    • Please note only one Turtoid Lord may spawn on a channel at a time.
  2. Mage Changes
    • We’ve increased the amount of attack speed awarded to mages from each dexterity point.
    • This change is for both Blue Mages & Red Mages, although Blue Mages still attack significantly slower compared to Red Mages.
  3. eTokens
    • Players can now purchase eTokens from our Item Mall.
    • When used in game, eTokens will grant the user a certain amount of eCoins.
    • All users should use eTokens when trading items for eCoins instead of opening a support ticket to do this. This provides a quicker & safer process of trading eCoins for items.
    • These come in sizes of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000.
    • Triumphus Server users may still open tickets for trading eCoins until we update the Triumphus Server with the latest server (few days after Season Server starts).
    • eTokens