Catastropha Island and more!

Maximum Level Increase (Season only for now)

  • The maximum level a player can reach has been increased to level 350!
  • Frozenland Maximum level has been increased to level 350.
  • Hau Maximum level has been increased to level 350.


Nation Bans (All Servers)

  • We’ve added a feature for GM’s to use that will remove a user from their nation & ban them for 3 days.
  • If players are breaking the rules when it comes to parties this feature will be used! You are not allowed to be in an advertised party & forcefully kick & encourage others to kick certain people because you don’t like them or because they are not in your party. Repeated offenses can lead to temporary account bans.


Catastropha Island (Season only for now)

Catastropha Island is like no other Turf or Island that Turf Battles has ever seen!

  • The island is for levels 300-350.
  • Owners/Defenders of the Island can obtain resources (the same resources found in Rue Island & Ghost Castle, exception for RH/BT, AND some g12 matts that can’t be found in GC) from multiple different types of monsters.
  • To conquer the island, you must locate & kill 3 different Catastrophic Eggs. Once all 3 are dead, the Catastrophic Queen will appear in the middle of the island. Kill her and you take the island (similar to Tornado).
  • All non-guardian monsters on this island give players EXP!
  • Every time 1000 monsters on the island have died, a new boss will appear on the island that awards above average EXP.
  • Only Owners/Defenders receive drops & rewards, but ALL players receive EXP from killing monsters! That’s right if you don’t own the island, you still get EXP.
  • A Crystal for this island has been added to the Crystal Room.
  • A Defender Crystal for this island has been added to Vylock Supply Unit.
  • Read a more about the island on our guide!


General Changes (All Servers)

  • We’ve added an uncontested duration to the island system. This means that once you take an island, no new invaders may enter the island for 10 minutes (unless they are already inside)! So that’s 10 minutes of uncontested farming.
  • We’ve also made it so if you leave your tribe, you will be unable to apply to another tribe for 30 minutes. This is to prevent players from switching to alternate tribes to take re-take islands.
  • The Ladianes Civil War will be working on the Triumphus Server after it is restarted, without the tax system.


Terms of Service Change (All Servers)

  • We’ve added a section that prohibits individuals from exploiting the game systems using alternate characters & or tribes to take control of different game functions (such as Turfs, Islands, & Civil War).
  • Everyone will have a week or so of warnings & after that doing this will result in bans being issued on all accounts involved.


Bug Fixes (All Servers)

  • We have applied a fix for the rollback issue; the issue should now be resolved but if users experience any rollbacks please let us know via the support ticket system.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with some transformation skills that were missing or being blocked by the target.
  • Several smaller bugs/typos.