Triumphus & Season Server Merged

The Triumphus Server is now back online after the Server Merger.

Due to conflicting circumstances (identical names and more than 3 characters per account); we have created an automated system for characters that conflict with Triumphus Server data. The following changes have been made to some characters:

  • Characters FROM the Season Server who have an identical name to a character on the Triumphus Server have been appended with a  _x, where x is a numerically increasing unique identifier. So as an example, if your character name on the Triumphus & Season Server was CharacterName, your Season Server character will now be named CharacterName_1.
  • New accounts have been created for any account with over 3 characters assigned to it after the merge. Any extra characters have been placed on these new accounts. The username for these new accounts have been appended with a _1, and the passwords remain the same as the original. So for example if your username was alpha_0000, your new extra account will be alpha_0000_1.
  • We have sent emails out to anyone who has had a new account created for their Season Characters, so please check your inbox/junk/spam/trash for the email.

All the Season Content (except for Season only content) has been applied to the Triumphus Server.