Catastropha Island Changes

Due to player feedback, we've made a few changes to Catastropha Island & various related areas of functionality. Remember, if you have ideas/suggestions to post them or let us know in a support ticket!


Catastropha Island Changes

  1. Drop Rate of Materials increased.
  2. Drop Quantity of Mats increased from 1-3 for most materials and 1-2 in others.
  3. EXP gains from monsters on Catastropha island has been increased, a complete island should give around 20%, monsters respawn every 10 mins.
  4. Catastropha Island 1000 Monster Boss (Evangelin) Event now has the ability to drop Refined Materials.
  5. Catastropha Island 1000 Monster Boss (Evangelin) Event now rewards the player soul shards like the Reaper Event.
  6. Catastropha Island 1000 Monster Boss (Evangelin) Event monster HP reduced by 35%.
  7. Blue herbs & Hasps have been added as drops, the guide has been updated.
  8. Catastropha Island 1000 Monster Boss (Evangelin) Event now has a chance to drop a Supreme Sephiroth Gem & Supreme Sephiroth Choice Gems.


Ghost Castle Changes

  1. Ghost Castle on Channels 3 can be accessed by levels 201-350 for the Reaper Event.


General Changes/Fixes

  1. Fixed localization issue with G12 item recycler.
  2. We've applied a 30% increase to EXP gains for levels 1-300 ONLY on Season Server, this stacks with all other EXP buffs & is automatically applied.
  3. When an island/turf is taken, players who do not own the island/turf are now teleported out.
  4. Players are now teleported out of Catastropha island when the FL war starts.