Season 5 News

Hello everyone, sorry about the delay in this news posting. Unfortunately, I was in a minor accident which resulted in a broken hand; typing is tough. We want to provide you all with some brief information on what you can expect in season 5.


New Changes & Content

  • Combining Soul Charms
  • Additional Sharp Feather Locations
  • Potion NPC's in V3 & V4
  • Automated Random Weekly Fubb Events
  • Hau as 300 zone, not 350.
  • Instance Loot Crates (Provide users with chance to receive rare items)
  • Soccer Event Changes
  • Pouching Rebirth Gems
  • More Unique Pets
  • More 300-350 areas & PvP events.
  • New eonic games launcher
  • Multi-Language translations for the server (Players interested in having their language supported will need to contact us when the time comes)
  • Please note we aren't listing everything that is being added, only what we think will not effect current gameplay/economy.


We expect Season 5 to start on May 1st providing everything goes well with the new launcher.