Season 5 Patch Notes

Hello everyone the Season Server will be up and running around 3PM – 3:30PM ET. Below is a list of all the patch notes for the Season Server & Triumphus Server. Please note that the Triumphus server will be updated at a later date & will be running the same version as before the restart. The Triumphus Server should be up and running shortly.


This season we looked through many of the proposed suggestions on the Forums & on Discord in order to compile the updates for this season. We won’t be stopping here, there are more changes to come throughout the season based on promising player suggestions & our own ideas.


Unfortunately, due to medical issues with my hand I wasn’t able to complete the new launcher for the season release. This also means that the multi-language support feature can’t be supported yet. However, I do plan to have a beta version our within the next 2-3 weeks for everyone.


Without further ado…


Season Server Exclusive Changes

  1. Weekly Buff Events
    • The Fubb Events now start automatically every weekend at midnight on Friday (server time) and go on for 72 hours (3 days).
    • When the Fubb Event starts, it selects a random Buff Event.
  2. Fantastic Gems
    • Players can now create Fantastic Gems when they are level 200 or higher.
    • 1 Fantastic Gem can be created by bringing 5 Supreme Gems to the Fantastic Gem Merchant (next to the Zipped Gem Merchant in Ladianes).
    • Players can use Fantastic Gems to try and upgrade their stats to max level, but every item can only ever have 2 Fantastic Gems used on them.
    • If a gem fails, the item does not break but the gem is lost. Whether the gem succeeds or not your Fantastic Gem count for the item increases by 1.
    • This limit can be increased to 3 Fantastic Gems by using a Fantastic Limit Breaker on the item. Fantastic Limit Breaker Gems are purchased from the Turf Shop.
  1. Instance Loot Crates
    • Players can now purchase Instance Loot Creates from the Instance shop.
    • They cost 2 instance coins per crate & can reward the player with a variety of different items ranging from common to very valuable/rare items.
    • Loot crates have the chance to give the user ONE of the following items:
      • x1 +4 Level 11 Weapon
      • x5 Jous Gems
      • x5 Shua Gems
      • x5 Borna Gems
      • x5 Janra Gems
      • x1 Magic Gem Pouch
      • x1 Sorcery Gem Pouch
      • x1 Divine Gem Pouch
      • x1 Sephiroth Gem Pouch
      • x1 Sephiroth Choice Gem Pouch
      • x1 Blue Tear Gem Pouch
      • x1 Delphiroth Choice Gem
      • x1 Red Honor Gem Pouch
      • x1 Supreme Sephiroth Gem
      • x1 Supreme Sephiroth Choice Gem
      • x1 Supreme Red Honor
      • x1 Supreme Blue Tear
      • x1 Fantastic Sephiroth Gem
      • x1 Fantastic Sephiorth Choice Gem
      • x1 Fantastic Red Honor
      • x1 Fantastic Blue Tear
  1. More Unique Pets
    • We have released 4 new Boss Spawns, and 4 new Min-Boss Pets.
    • The new bosses/pets are: Newt Dragon, Fire Princess, Ice Princess, & Ice Monarch.
  2. Catastropha Cavern
    • This is a new event that starts every few hours throughout the day & is for levels 300-350.
    • The event populates a new zone in the world Catastropha Cavern with a variety of different and STRONG monsters & bosses. This zone rewards players with excellent EXP rewards for that level bracket.
    • Players are encouraged to form parties during the event.
    • The event is NOT nation based, but it is a PvP permitted zones (no fame loss & you can obtain soul shards). The idea is that parties will compete for bosses & fight over the rewards.
    • All the monsters inside of the cavern deal a large amount of damage & have high HP, so players must make use of the new PvE equipment, Vice Equipment, in order to effectively reduce monster damage & increase your own damage to monsters. See the Vice Equipment section.
    • This cavern has eggs that reward players with a large amount of exp, but also drop Gold Egg Shells. These can be used to activate the Catastropha Room event NPC. See Catastropha Room section.
    • When the event is active, players can enter the cavern by speaking to Leckie in the Tainted Lands of East Ladianes.
    • This event lasts 1 hour.
    • This event has been disabled for the first week of the Season.
    • Catastropha Cavern
  3. Catastropha Room
    • This instance can be activated by speaking to Robinson in the Tainted Lands of East Ladianes. Players or parties must pay 50 Gold Egg Shells in order to start this instance.
    • The instance is for levels 300-350 & is a fairly simple instance, but rewards players with a large amount of EXP & item rewards. Including special edition Vice weapons that glow red & that have higher base damage than their normal counter parts.
    • All the monsters inside of this instance deal a large amount of damage & have high HP, so players must make use of the new PvE equipment, Vice Equipment, in order to effectively reduce monster damage & increase your own damage to monsters. See the Vice Equipment section.
  4. Vice Equipment
    • The Vice Equipment can be found from killing monsters or could be purchased from Ahola in the Tainted Lands of East Ladianes for Purified Orbs.
    • This equipment uses RH’s & BT’s for upgrading, but the success rates are much higher than normal level 11 items.
    • Each piece of armor reduces damage taken from Vice monsters by 1% per stat level (for a maximum of 10% per item). If you were to have a full set of +10 Vice armor, this would yield a 50% damage reduction.
    • The Vice weapons increase the damage dealt to Vice monsters by 5% per stat level (for a maximum of 50% at +10).
    • Vice EquipmentEnhanced Vice Equipment
  5. Sephiroth Jewelry
    • We have added a brand-new set of level 12 jewelry called Sephiroth Jewelry.
    • The upgrade rates of these are higher than the Delphiroth jewelry.
    • These can only be found by killing bosses inside of Catastropha Cavern or the Catastropha Instance (higher rate inside the instance).


Season & Triumphus Server Changes

  1. Combining Soul Shards
    • Players can now speak to the “Harbinger of Death” NPC in order to combine multiple soul charm levels together.
    • Please note the following things regarding this process:
      • ALL soul charms in your inventory (not in your equipment) will be combined together.
      • The process can NOT be reversed.
      • If the total levels combined exceeds the maximum level, the level will become the maximum level and you will lose the extra levels.
  1. Additional Sharp Feather Locations
    • Sharp Feathers can now be found in smaller stack sizes by killing ANY monsters with the word “fly” or “Fly” (either case).
    • Please note you can still farm stacks of 3000 Sharp feathers by killing the Ghost Witch in the Silent Arena.
  2. Delphiroth V3 & V4
    • We’ve added potion merchants to the start of Delphiroth Floor 3 & Delphiroth Floor 4.
  3. Hau
    • Players may only participate in the Hau event only if they are in-between levels 200-300, instead of 200-350.
  4. Soccer Event
    • The Level 120-160 Soccer Event Bracket now rewards a random level 11 item that can be either +5 or +6.
    • The Level 160-200 Soccer Event Bracket now rewards a random level 11 item that can be either +6 or +7.
    • The Level 200-300 Soccer Event Bracket now rewards a random level 12 item that will have 4 random stats being either level 8, 9, or 10.
    • We have added a fourth Soccer Event Bracket for levels 300-350 & it rewards a random level 12 item that will have 4 random stats being either level 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14.
  5. Rebirth Gem Pouching
    • Players can now pouch their rebirth gems at the Zipped Gem Merchant.
  6. Instance Store
    • We have reduced the prices of all items in the instance store, except for Demonic Essence.
  7. Turf Shops
    • We have changed how items are categorized in the Turf Shop so items are easier to find. They are now categorized by Potions, Buffs, Teleports, Pet, & Etc.
    • We have reduced the price of multiple items in the Turf Shop that are in the Potions, Teleports, Pet, & Etc categories.
  8. Monster Changes
    • Monsters have received a rather large overhaul to their functionality.
    • Monsters now attack players based on a threat level that each player attacking the monster has. The person with the highest threat is attacked. Threat is calculated by the amount of damage you do & blade warriors currently have a x2 threat multiplier.
    • In the near future (sometime this week) we will be making some of the Blade & Fist Master/Trans skills generate large amounts of threat against monsters.
    • We have changed how monsters move and their movement while chasing you should be a lot smoother as well while they wander.
    • Monsters now have the ability to have multiple types of attacks. For example, the Devils inside of Delphiroth will use physical attacks if you are within range & will use magic attacks if you are not.
    • We have fixed a bug where monsters were able to attack players when they respawn far away.
    • We have fixed a bug that made monsters (specifically those outside of Ladianes) not agro or attack players.
  9. Miscellaneous
    • In order to login to the game you will now HAVE to activate your Turf Battles account when you register it. If you do not activate it (via email), you will be unable to login. We have automatically activated existing accounts so that they are activated, but all future accounts MUST be activated via email upon registering.
    • You can no longer try to upgrade stats past their maximum level, it won’t let you.
    • We have changed the loading & saving procedure for Quests & Notifications (this shouldn’t be noticeable by players).
    • All equipment items (except arrows) now display the following information in the descriptions:
      • Item Level
      • Max Stat Level
      • Default Safe Stat Level
      • Fantastic Gem Uses
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where Warm Other would remove TC AP buffs.
      • We added a new NPC in Ladianes called Swapao that can teleport users to Swamp & Rampao instead of Tobias.
      • Other minor issues & localizations.