Catasropha Cavern, Monsters, & Threat!

We have just taken the Season Server offline for today's patch. The following is all the patch notes related to todays restart.


Catastropha Cavern

  • Catastropha Cavern has now been added to the game.
  • Players can use the NPC named "Leckie" to enter Catastropha Cavern while the event is on.
  • The event will automatically start every 3-5 hours on Channel 2.
  • During that time a large quantity of strong & difficult monsters appear inside of Catasropha Cavern. All monsters give a decent amount of EXP, and all bosses give an increased amount of EXP.
  • Please note that inside the Cavern, the Egg's give the most EXP.
  • This is a PvP enabled zone & users should form parties (they are not nation based).
  • The event will last 2 hours, at which point any remaining monsters are removed.
  • This zone is for levels 300-350, and the items found within can unlock the Catasropha Room instance.


Threat Changes

  • We have added additional methods to generate threat through skills & items.
  • Players can now generate additional threat by using their damage dealing Master Skills. Blade Warrior generate the most threat using these skills with Blast Blade and Soul Blade.
  • Additionally, players can now generate even more threat by using either Crow Stingers, Kat Claws, or Solid Bows.
  • Each skill or weapon that was changed to generate additional threat will say so on the skill or item description.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made the Buff Event last an extra day.
  • Monsters that were teleporting when they should not move at all have been fixed.
  • The same monsters listed above now have a maximum view distance attack range... So if you get into their agro distance, they will then continue to attack you with range based attacks until you are out of view.
  • Fixed various issues with some monsters that would deal 0 damage with physical or magic attacks (such as Senow).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some users to enter islands during war.


Bug Fixes from Previous Restarts

  • We found that some pets that were given away several years ago were missing 1 stat point, we've fixed this and these pets will automatically be given an additional stat point when they are logged into.
  • We've made it so you can no longer ally/war your own tribe.
  • We've fixed an issue that made monsters idle when chasing you.