Feedback Based Content Changes

We've taken player feedback on some of the different elements that were introduced in Season 3, and added them (some with a few changes).


Vice Equipment Changes

  • Vice Weapons damage has been increased from 50% to 100% extra damage against Vice Monsters (double their normal damage).


Catastropha Cavern Changes

  • We have reduced the health of all basic vice monsters by 40%.
  • We have reduced the health of all Vice Bosses by 30%.
  • We have added higher Corrupt Orb drop rates to Vice monsters.
  • We have made it so Corrupt Orbs, typically, drop in random stacks of 1-5 depending on the orb type.


Ghost Castle Changes

  • Ghost Castle on Channel 3 is now only available to users' level 301-350.
  • Ghost Castle on Channel 3 can now be conquered by tribes like in Channel 1.
  • The drop rate of level 12 materials on Channel 3 has been reduced by roughly 60-70% depending on the item. This zone is intended to be primarily for RH/BT & Catastropha Island is intended for level 12 materials.



  • We have added a new item to the Turf Shop Etc page that converts 1 SC point into 1 RC point.
  • We have reduced the amount of Gold Egg Shell's that are required to start the Catastropha Room Instance from 50 to 25.
  • We have fixed a bug with monsters that caused them to attack too fast (such as with Senow).
  • We have fixed a bug with some magic monsters that prevented their attack animation from showing.
  • We have added instance guides to the Turf Battles website guide section (all instances will have guides uploaded shortly).