Minor Changes/Updates

The servers will be going offline today at 5PM ET to apply the following changes/updates.


Catastropha Cavern & Catastropha Room Changes

  • Drop Rate of G12 Jewls increased on Catastropha Cavern & Catastropha Room bosses.
  • G12 Jewls have been added to the normal monster drop tables in Catastropha Cavern (low rate).
  • Vice Eggs now have a chance to drop 1-3 egg shells.
  • The health of Vice Egg's has been halved.
  • G1, G2, & G3 Deaus and Hosans have been added to the Boss drop tables.


Vice Equipment Changes

  • Upgrade rates of Vice Equipment have been raised by 15% at each level.
  • Vice Weapons are now safe up until level 5 to match G11's.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fixed SC to RC Scroll
  • The Fantastic Gem NPC has been added to the season server.
  • You can now only change the tax rate within 2 hours of the civil war ending & can only adjust the taxes in any direction twice per war.
  • G12 Jewls have been added to the Giant Boss Event drop tables.