Bug Fixes & Maintenance

Before I post the patch notes, I'd like to talk to everyone about cheaters/hackers/exploiters. We developed our anti-hack system quite a bit throughout this season, and thanks to it we've banned many cheaters over the last 2 months on both the Season & the Triumphus Server. We take cheating very seriously. For that reason, we typically preform a deep search on all accounts that are flagged as hacking. This search leads to all of that users accounts receiving the same punishment. We've made it very clear in the past that we do not stand for cheating & ANYONE caught will be punished.


Unfortunately, sometimes players share accounts (even though we have always advised against it). If you share your information with someone else and they cheat on your account YOU are responsible for their actions. It becomes very difficult to be able to determine if the owner or the friend using the account was the one using the hacks & it can lead to your accounts either being permanently or temporarily banned (depending on the ban reason). Be careful with who you share your accounts with.


Now then... we've also applied some minor patches & bug fixes to the game. The following patch notes should now be live on the Season Server.

Patch Notes

  • Drop rate of G12 jewls from Vice Souless Witch & Vice Mushroom bosses increased.
  • Drop rate of G12 jewls from the Vice Queen increased.
  • Drop rate of Enhanced Vice Weapons from the Vice Queen increased.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Civil War data not to save properly depending on the time of day it runs.
  • Fix blue mage & red mage monsters in v3 and v4 not showing attack animation.
  • Fixed an issue causing Elfrick Dragon's to drop faulty White Perl Earrings.