End of Season Update

We have just finished restarting the servers with the latest updates & patches.


Patch Notes for Season Server

  • We've added the option to convert 5 Supreme Sephiroth Choice Gems into 1 Fantastic Sephiroth Choice Gem at the Fantastic Sephiroth Choice Gem merchant.
  • Due to the lack of support for the PvP Tournament last season, we've decided to run a two week long event cycle. These events will start immedeitly once the servers are online.
    • 1 Random Buff Event every 24 hours, the event ends and a new buff event starts after the 24 hours complete.
    • 1 Random Boss Spawn that can happen randomly every 12-24 hours.
  • We will be ending the Season Server on August 12.


Patch Notes for Triumphus Server

  • We've made it so the Nation reset only happens once every 28 days on the Triumphus Server, the Season Server will continue to happen once every 14 days.


Patch Notes for Both Servers

  • We've fixed an issue with Aquamrine Gems that made it so when they failed to upgrade certain earrings, it caused the earrings to dissappear. We've returned the missing earrings to players who were missing them.
  • We've fixed a very rare issue that caused servers to crash.
  • We fixed an issue that allowed level 300 players to damage Hau Monsters.