Initial Mystic Server Changes

Today we are releasing the first wave of changes that were made for the upcoming Mystic Server. We are releasing these changes in waves so that any issues that arise can be found and fixed easily. This initial change is the first part of a two-part change for all Items. We've provided you with more information regarding this change in the patch notes. If users experience any strange behaviour please report it via a Support Ticket.


Patch Notes

  • Items
    • We've made a substantial change to how items work on the server. This change should not be noticeable to players (if everything went as planned), but was required in order to move forward with the new Mystic Server. The change effected many different systems (as items are a core part of the game and connect with many other game systems). If anyone experiences any issues, please report them via a Support Ticket.
    • Some issues users may experience (if any) are things like: certain items being unable to be used, requirement differences on items, missing item descriptions, items not being able to be equipped, etc.
    • Please note users will have to RE-APPLY their items to their hotbars. The items will appear as having 0 left otherwise.
  • Buff Event
    • We've changed how the buff event selects it's weekly buffs. It will still be random, but it will randomly select one buff from a series. Each time a buff is selected, it is removed from that series until all buff events have happened once. What this means is that you will not see the same buff happening back to back during weekends.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Locking spells can now be used on Transmogged items.
    • Current Fantastic Gem uses no longer show on special equipment which can not use Fantastic Gems.
    • The Catastropha Room Event can not be longer be started during the Catastropha Event.
    • We've made it so that level 1000 soul charms are not combined when combining soul charms in your inventory.
    • There were some additional changes made to the logging & some back end systems (nothing anyone should notice).