Buddy System Rework & Fixes

I'd like to thank everyone that has been reporting & providing feedback about last weeks changes. We've fixed all of the reported issues. We're moving forward with another large system re-work, the buddy system.


Patch Notes

  • Buddy System Changes
    • We've re-made the buddy & buddy message system.
    • This is a back-end change and there should not be any noticeable changes in game due to it.
    • If users experience any issues with these two systems, please report the issues.
    • Due to this change, server start-ups should run much smoother/quicker now.
    • Please note everyone's old buddies should still exist, but we've removed old buddy messages.
  • Items
    • We fixed a bug with the Locking Spell that caused the lock to be removed when adding/removing liquid gold or demonic essence.
    • We fixed a bug that caused some weapons (such as Mana Steal gauntlets) to not glow on your screen or sometimes on other players screens.
    • Players may notice some minor changes to items (such as the text having changed for some items when the right click menu appears). For example, pouches now say "Use" instead of "Use Scroll".