Mystic Server Release Date

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a good Christmas Eve. We are now in the final stage of the Mystic Servers development. It was our hopes to release the Mystic Server in mid January, but alas we didn't "have 2020 vision" -- ba dum tss.


All jokes aside, many users have voiced their concern that releasing at the start or middle of January would be a bad time for many users (due to exams and other scheduling conflicts). Due to the large amount of comments regarding this matter, we have decided to leave the release date in your hands, the players.


Please take the time to consider your own situations and which date you would prefer and vote for it on our Forums (the link will be posted at the bottom of this news article). We will allow this poll to run for about a week (just after the New Year) before we look at your votes and announce the winning dates.


Please remember, anybody that votes twice by using alternate accounts will have ALL of their votes completely removed and NONE of them will count towards the final tally.


Depending on those votes, we will also be announcing a brief testing period where users will be able to test some of the changes that have been added to the Mystic Server (primarily the balance chances) and provide feedback for last minute tweaks or changes. Please note that having a later start date (January 31 or February 7) would, most likely, indicate a longer testing period.


Happy voting, and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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