Mystic Test Server

Hello everyone, we will be starting the Mystic Test Server this Saturday (January 25, 2020) at 11AM ET. At that time we will also be posting a news article with all of the Mystic Server changes that will be activated on the Test Server at that time.


We've prepared a few FAQ and answers to help provide players with information about this Test Server.


Will my characters on the Test Server be erased at the end of the Test Server period?

Yes. As with all of our test servers in the past, we will be offering expediated services/goods so as to ensure players have the opportunity to test a variety of different content areas prior to the servers release. As such, all characters will be wiped once the Test Server is over and the Mystic Server starts.


When will the Test Server end?

We don't have a set date at this time, but it will (ofcourse) end before February 7. The duration of the Server will depend on the results of the initial round of testing.


Will there be server restarts?

Yes. The purpose of the Test Server is to test content and quickly adjust that content based on player feedback. To that extent, we will be restarting the servers to provide patches and updates as quickly as possible. However, we will try to keep the quantity of restarts to a minimum.


How can I report any issues or suggestions?

You can provide suggestions on either our Forums or our Discord suggestions channel. As for bugs, these should be reported through the Support Ticket page on our website (you must login to your account to access this).


Is all the Mystic Server content on the Test Server?

We have decided to release content in waves so as to minimize any difficulty finding issues. That being said, we plan to release most of the Mystic Server changes right away on the Test Server and then gradually add additional content as the week/weekend progresses.


How will I be able to access the Test Server?

The were will be accessible through the launcher and will automaticallly appear once the server is online. Players will be able to connect using their existing Eonic Games accounts.


Can anyone access the Test Server?

Yes, this is an open Test Server!


What time is ET?

You can track the ET time using the following link: