Mystic Test Server Patch Notes

Hello everyone, the Mystic Test Server will be online shortly. There have been a tremendous amount of changes made to most of the systems that make up Turf Battles. As such, we have documented these changes in point form for your reading convenience. Some larger updates will have their own detailed sections.


Please also note that this is not a complete list of all the changes, as we would be writing a short novel if that were to happen. We do also plan to release additional updates as the testing period continues and have plans for other content and quality of life updates once the mystic server is released.


In addition, please take some of these changes with a grain of salt. Specifically changes involving balance changes & cost changes. They are subject to change depending on player feedback throughout the testing period. 


Removed Content

We have removed all 300+ content from the Mystic Server for now. We do not have an ETA on when this content may be reintroduced. However, we do want players to enjoy the current existing content before re-releasing the remastered 300+ content. That being said we would expect 300+ content to be at least several months away. Along with this change the following changes have been made:

  • Sephiroth Jewelry has been removed.
  • Ghost Castle on Channel 3 has been made for levels 200-300 and has no monsters now. (Except during Reaper events)
  • Tornado on Channel 3 for levels 161-200 has been removed.



In order to effectively balance character health we have decided to change how Desaus & Hosans work. They now reward their users a percentage of health rather than a flat boost. Depending on the grade of the charm they will now grant a 3%, 6%, or 9% boost.


Health Steal / Mana Steal / Debuff Weapons

Weapons that either steal HP/Mana or apply some sort of debuff (such as Stun) will no longer be applied at the same high rates right away. Instead, players will have to add and upgrade the Attack Success Rate stats on these weapons in order to improve their effectiveness.


Quest Rewards

We have made it so items rewarded from quests will no longer be able to be traded to players or dropped. This change was made so that players are still able to complete quests for useful items, but do not abuse the system by creating multiple characters.


Production System

We have made it so Raw & Refined Materials (such as Wood, Metal, Herbs, Alloy, etc) can no longer be traded between players. Players will still be able to trade the Material Crates that can be purchased from the Instance Shop. In addition, we have also made it easier for players to level up their characters production skills. In other words, it now requires less items to be made to level up and thus much less materials.


Fubb Event

  • The cost of Fubb Event buffs has been increased.
  • We have added a Pet EXP Fubb Event.
  • Fubb Events are active on the Test Server (on weekends), but will be disabled for a period of time when the real Mystic Server starts up.


Soccer Event & Ladianes Civil War

  • These are active on the Test Server, but will be disabled for a period of time when the real Mystic Server starts up.


Rates & Buffs

  • Several TC & Subscription Shop buffs have received nerfs. Most of these reductions can be restored through other means (combining other buffs of the same genre… such as with the Fubb Event or Subscription boosts).
  • Drop Rate of level 10 weapons in Rampao has been reduced due to the balance changes.


Warehouse Changes

  • There is no longer a difference between Veros & Ladianes warehouses. They can all be accessed from the same NPC.
  • We have modified the Warehouse System so that there is room for additional storages.
  • Normal users still have access to 10 Warehouses.
  • Subscribed users can purchase Warehouse Upgrades from the Subscription shop. These warehouse upgrades will unlock one additional warehouse each time the item is used, up to a maximum of 10 extra storages.
  • While you are subscribed you also have access to 3 extra free storages.
  • This allows for a total of 23 storages if you purchase all the upgrades and maintain a subscription.
  • If your subscription ends, you will still be able to use the storages you gained from the Warehouse Upgrade item, but the 3 bonus storages will be locked until your next subscription.


Subscription Changes

  • We have reduced the potion limit of non-subscription players to 750. Subscription users will have access to the full 1200.
  • Subscription players now auto pickup Raw Materials and Leni when they drop from monsters.
  • Subscription now receive a 20% production exp buff.
  • Subscription users receive a 50% discount on all Fubb events.
  • Subscription users now receive 20% pet exp boosts instead of 10%.
  • Subscription users have access to 3 additional warehouse slots while they are subscribed.
  • Subscription users have the ability to purchase Ladians Grace from the Subscription Shop in order to access Suffering Soul Cave and Rampao Temple instances.
  • Subscription users now receive a bonus Instance Coin when they complete an instance.
  • Subscription users have an extra 50% drop rate.


Balance Changes

There has been a tremendous amount of balance changes. These changes can be viewed across several elements throughout the game ranging from base item stats, to the bonuses that each stat on items give, to the effectiveness or the effect itself of skills. The following list is a brief overview of some of the different things that have been changed in terms of balancing.

  • Health Changes
    • We have added a diminishing returns system so that if you add large quantities of Vitality to your character, the amount of Health you get per point decreases after a while.


  • Item Balance Changes
    • G1-10 armours and weapons have been buffed
    • G11 armour base defense has been lowered
    • G11 upgrade rates have been lowered at levels 4-7 and increased at levels 8-10
    • Eonic weapons have been nerfed but Yellow Magician and White Magician Eonic weapons have been buffed and converted to melee weapons.
    • Archer quivers have been nerfed
    • Fist warriors spear protector attack power nerfed
    • Sephiroth and clergy gowns have been nerfed
    • Magician g11 vambraces received a % defense increase
    • G11 items now require level 160 to wear


  • Skill Balance Changes
    • Archer
      • Alseide has been buffed.
      • Oread, Gnome, and Sylph have been nerfed.
      • Scatter shot cooldown increased.
      • Poison Arrow & Scatter Shot damage decreased.
      • Rainbow arrow damage decreased
    • Blade
      • Might has been nerfed
    • Red Magician
      • Wide fury has received a damage decrease.
    • Blue Magician
      • Ice stinger has received a damage decrease
      • Black touch has been nerfed


Monster Changes

  • All monsters received an attack power nerf
  • All monsters in levelling areas received a hp Regen buff and a maximum health reduction
  • Dried fish health buffs have been removed from the drop table.
  • Drop rates of g11 items and g10 items have been reduced
  • All monsters in party based areas have received a health regeneration buff to make sure players cannot kill monsters alone.
  • Level 1-100 areas ( Ladianes ) has more areas to level up
  • Rock island monsters received a health reduction and health regen increase
  • We have increased the amount of AP gained from PSA9 and PSA10 weapons.
  • We have removed weapons & equipment from npcs in harbor and floating village that served no purpose.


EXP Changes

  • There has been a EXP reduction in various areas in the game.
  • Instance exp has been reduced but remains the highest exp in the game.
  • Hau exp has been nerfed
  • Frozenland exp has been nerfed
  • V3 exp has been nerfed
  • We have increased the time it takes to level up pets.


General Changes

  • Critical damage multiplier has been nerfed to 1.7 instead of 2.0.
  • We have added Donation Box’s & <Trading Post> Carl’s to various locations in the game.
  • The costs and quantities of various items in the Turf Shop, Subscription Shop, and Instance coin shops have been changed to accomodate for lack of PvP buff/zipped scrolls.