Test Server Update #1

Thank you all for testing and providing feedback on the Mystic Server. We have taken your feedback into consideration and implemented some changes. Please note that more changes based on existing and future feedback will come into play later.


We have now added NPC's that level you up to certain level, give you leni, and that sell the following:

  • Level 11 Equipment
  • Jewls
  • Gems & Pouches
  • Eonic Weapons


Patch Notes

  • Level 1-100 monsters have had their exp nerfed.
  • Monsters that are required for the master skills quest have had their attack power reduced.
  • Turtoids and Frozenland monster have had higher regen rates added to them.
  • Turtoid lord and Megalopas in tornado have had a movement speed increase.
  • Turtoid hp regen and defenses have been modified
  • V3 has received an AP buff.
  • Upgrade rates have overall been reduced for g11 weapons and armours
  • G10 and 11 Jewellery upgrade rates reduced slightly
  • Ghost Castle Gem drop rates reduced
  • Lizardman move rate reduced and magical defense increased
  • Badflies movement speed reduced
  • Ice Stinger nerfed
  • Wide Fury nerfed
  • Scatter Shot nerfed
  • Death Hand nerfed
  • Might Buffed
  • Physical Class +9 weapons buffed
  • G10 Rampao Weapons nerfed
  • Illusion nerfed
  • Hawkeye leni cost increased
  • Soul Fist buffed
  • Soul Blade nerfed
  • Alseide buffed
  • Removed HP Buff Daily quest
  • White mage HP buff now percent based.
  • Reduced G11 drop rate in v3.
  • Reduced damage from v3 humans.