Test Server Update #4

Hello everyone, we've just launched the last update to the Mystic Test Server (assuming there are no major issues). Outline below is a list of all the changes that comes with this update.


Island System Changes

We have drastically changed how the Island Systems works (this change does not effect the Tornado & Ghost Castle Turfs).

  • Once the Mystic Server starts, the islands will rotate between the 5 level brackets every 3 days (for testing purposes they are currently set to rotate every 2 hours).
    • This means that the level requirements of islands will be different every 3 days.
  • We have modified the rate at which gems are obtained from islands. Specifically, the quantity and drop rates.
    • Islands now only drop 1 gem at a time, but as you enter higher level brackets their drop rate increases.
    • We advise people to notice that there is now real value from killing Yeti's for chests ;).
  • We have made it so the respawn time of monsters on the island is every 10 minutes instead of every 15 minutes.
  • Bomber Kings on Duan have had their move speed decreased.
  • Drop Rate of GC and Tornado has been reduced.
  • Nado now has a minimum level requirement of 121 instead of 120.


Additional Patch Notes

  • Red and Blue magicians have 400 more HP at level 160 if they have 628 Vitality.
  • Zodiac Staff G3 has received a small nerf.
  • Blessing, Clergy, Providence gowns now all give the same physical defense when enchanted.
  • Exp of 1-50 quests greatly increased.
  • Suffering Spirit Cave Quest now requires only 100 skeletons to kill.
  • Skeleton Shamans now drop Ladians Grace at a low rate
  • FrozenLand and Hau are now Level 254+ but their attack power has been decreased.
  • Veros 1-30 monsters have been added.
  • Megalopas in the master skills area have had their damage reduced.
  • Transformation gems have had a drop rate nerf.
  • V1 and V2 egg Magic defenses lowered.
  • Winter Restriction has been nerfed.Swamp Lizardmen now give less exp.
  • G9 and 10 weapons and armours now have a safety level of 5 instead of 6.
  • V3 Boss Attack powers nerfed.
  • Death Hand has been nerfed.
  • Mana Barrier now includes HP granted from Desaus.
  • We have disabled the last patches EXP updates (the party exp reduction and the physical exp boosts).