Turf Battles Mystic Server Patch 2020-02-17

2020-02-17 Patch notes
Bug Fixes:

  • Gate 1,2,3,4,5,6 of GC no longer teleport you under the map.
  • You can no longer attack anything while you are under the map.
  • You can no longer damage players who are under the map.
  • Rue Monsters (40-90) regen rate wasn't scaled, it's now fixed.
  • Karbalich in black zone was regenerating too much hp, it has been fixed.
  • Bomber kings no longer see you from outside their range.
  • the 2K HP items and 1K HP items have been removed from the game and the quests disabled.
  • level 40-120 Island guardians HP regeneration has been fixed.

Monster Changes:

  • East Ladianes monsters from 160-200 have had an EXP nerf. Rock Island should be your #1 levelling area in this level bracket.
  • Tiaz Monsters have a lower Aggro range
  • Tiaz Monsters have changed from 1-99 -> 1-70
  • Wasteland Shamans now spawn more often.
  • Eggs in V1 and 2 have received EXP boosts.
  • Eggs in V1 and 2 have had their HP reduced.
  • All Island Monsters now have the correct HP values.
  • All Island Monsters now drop all gems.
  • Ladians grace drop rate increased in zones.
  • Mini Killer Mushrooms will now drop Sephiroth Gems more often.
  • Tornado Megalopas will now hit you through armour to prevent hiding monsters.
  • Ghost Castle Ghosts will now hit you through armour to prevent hiding monsters.
  • Master Quest Butterfly attack power nerfed.


  • Upgrade rates of G10 have been boosted slightly
  • Runen in Vylock Supply Unit sells 4/4 G10 instead of 5/5 G10.
  • Runen in Vylock Supply Unit now stocks G10 Helmets
  • The Subscription store now has a drop scroll that doesn't cancel on death or logout.
  • G1 2 and 3 Flock sticks have been buffed.
  • Archer Health has been increased at the level 160 bracket.
  • Blade Zombie Orc Blood has been nerfed to not break the move speed cap.
  • Red Mage move speed has been decreased slightly from Blaze.
  • Fists can now wear full G11 with 628 VIT at 160.
  • Hawkeye scrolls have been reduced in cost from 300k to 200k Leni.
  • Kevilroth the purified orb NPC has had the cost of his items increased by 1.7x.