Turf Battles Mystic Server Hotfix: 2020-02-18

2020-02-18 Hotfix Patch:

  • Experience in instances will no longer make your experience go negative if you break the instances' level threshold.
  • You will not be able to damage people or monsters who are under the map or who are above you  while you are under the map.
  • Warehouses now need you to type "DELETE" to delete them.
  • Fixed some extra monsters that gave too much experience in East Ladianes.
  • Small revert to the Archer HP buff.
  • There is now an Equipment Stats NPC near Kadara in Ladianes Village, this NPC will tell you the stats of a Full G10 and G11 armour and weapon set.
  • Soccer event 200-300 now drops the correct equipment.
  • Descriptions fixed for Subscription buffs.
  • Authority Vambrace can now be obtained from Runen.
  • G10 Helmets/Caps can now be obtained from Runen.