Turf Battles Mystic Server Patch 2020-02-24

Patch Notes: 2020-02-24
Backend changes:

  • We have made some changes to the backend to reduce/remove lag, we believe we've been able to get close to the root of the problem.

Misc Changes:

  • New monsters called Goodflies, Motherflies, Evil Bat of Predation and Vicious Hell Divers have been added to the game.
  • Badflies are now Melee only, you cannot hurt Badflies with Magic attacks.
  • Goodflies are Magic only, you cannot hurt Goodflies with Melee attacks.
  • Badflies and Goodflies are level 70-100 monsters.
  • Motherflies are two bosses that randomly spawn every 10 minutes in the area.
  • The exp rate in these areas is comparable to wasteland for solo players.
  • North Battle Arena in Veros (23221:25167) is now for levels 200-254.
  • 7 Bosses have been added to the battle arena as levelling monsters. These are the Evil Bat of Predation and Vicious Hell Divers. These bosses respawn every 1 hour.
  • Shuy Island has had 14 more bandits added to the island due to the large area size.
  • Special Weapons such as the Stun Sword, Stun Bow, Mana Bow, Mana Gauntlet now require level 100 to wield.
  • Vernon now has the correct description.