Turf Battles Mystic Server Patch: 2020-03-03

Patch Notes: 2020-03-03

The server has been patched today, there are many changes and tweaks to the current system.
Soul Charms now become untradeable after they are traded or sold and require a special item to unlock called the "Trade Item Unlocker", this item costs 50 TC.
the aim of the addition of new buffs in this patch was to make Fist Warriors relevant at level 200- And allow fists at 200+ to sometimes make clutch plays while not transformed.
In addition to these changes we have made it so movement speed buffs can't stack with eachother, this includes blaze, the reasoning for this is that when the speed buffs stack, you break the max speed cap.

The changes to Archers were aimed at addressing general attack power at levels 90-200 while making 201+ more reliable for archers to PvP with Eonic weapons.
The changes to Magician Eonic weapons were aimed at making sure those weapons get used, while also addressing a balance issue where mages had lacklustre damage at level 201+.

The new monster areas are able to be accessed by any level except the Blue Cliff Arena area (120-200) only, and the exp has been adjusted so that you may help new players while you are levelling when they join the game.

This patch is geared towards letting players travel to levelling areas faster and as such a new teleporter crystal NPC has been added to the game, next to Yuba.

Due to our changes to the soul charm we have tried to make the Ghost Castle Reaper more valuable, this is to try to promote PvP

Monster Changes:

  • The Reaper now has a chance to drop G10, G11 Jewelry with stats of +1-5, +4-7 G11 Equipment and a very rare chance to drop a Reaper Egg and material crates!
  • The Reaper now only spawns on Channel 1.
  • Rampao Floor 2 Monsters have had an attack power nerf and now drop G10 equipment more often.
  • The level 200-254 area in Veros North Battle Arena has had an exp increase and monster hp nerf.
  • Monsters have escaped from Delphiroth and have invaded Nasa Altar! These new monsters are for levels 254-280! They respawn in 3 hour intervals.
  • Battle Statues have been added to Blue Cliff Battle Arena, these are bosses for soloing or duoing for levels 120-160 and spawn every 20 minutes. These bosses have an unlimited attack distance. This is a PvP zone, the maximum level that can enter is: 200.
  • Zombie Orcs infront of Rampao Dungeon now Drop Zombie Orc Blood for Fists Level 200- and for 200+. These are separate buffs.
  • Motherflies (Level 70-100) now spawn in both the Goodflies and Badflies areas, the amount of Motherflies has been increased to 4.
  • Juma and the Giant fishes in FrozenLand have had their damage reduced.

Buff Changes:

  • The castle buff now stacks with Fubb buffs.
  • Alseide has been nerfed slightly.
  • Black Touch has been buffed.
  • Gnome and Sylph have been buffed slightly.
  • Blade Zombie Orc Blood cooldown has been increased by 2 seconds.
  • Fists have received two new buffs which are called "Fist Zombie Orc Blood 200- and Fist Zombie Orc Blood 200+" The cooldown of the 200- buff is around 60 seconds. The 200+ Buff has a cooldown of 2 minutes due to the accessibility of warp speed.
  • The Blaze nerf has been reverted and Blaze has been buffed slightly.
  • Blaze can no longer stack with any other move speed buff.
  • Yellow Speed scrolls now overwrites Blaze because it is a more powerful buff.
  • Yellow Speed Scrolls no longer stack with: Blaze, Orc Blood, Fist Orc Blood or Warp Speed.
  • Warp Speed can no longer be overwritten by any move speed buffs.


  • Mini marvelous potions and Health potions now have a level requirement of 201+.
  • There are new Mini Marvelous and Health potions which are for levels 200- the leni cost has been reduced too.
  • The second skill down scrolls now cost 25 TC each and a pack of 10 cost 200 TC.
  • The Mages inside the Oongoo trees in Veros have had their drop table changed to only drop: Spear Protector, Binah Shield and Valkyrie Protector.
  • Swapao has been removed from the game.
  • A New NPC has been added, it is called the "Teleporter to Levelling Areas" It will unlock new levelling areas as you level up, so be sure to keep checking on it! It is located next to Yuba in Ladianes.
  • You can no longer log into Nasa Altar due to the new 254-280 monsters being there.
  • Delphiroth Floor 3 on channel 2 is now a no fame loss PvP zone.
  • Veros North Battle Arena on all channels is now a no fame loss PvP zone.
  • The G3 Solid Bow has had its random damage reduced to make it more consistent but lost a tiny amount of attack power.
  • The G3 Vast Staff and G3 Flock stick have been buffed in damage to make them stronger in endgame content.
  • Blade and Fist Eonic weapons have had a further threat multiplier increase.
  • Rue Island crystals no longer care if FrozenLand is in progress.

Pet Changes:

We have added several new pets to the Pet Mutation Perk, these are:

  1. Reaper
  2. Cow Pig
  3. White Pig
  4. Pink Pig
  5. Black Pig
  6. Yellow Pig
  7. Blue Pig
  8. Red Pig
  9. Brown Pig
  10. Brown Cat
  11. Red Cat
  12. White Cat
  13. Black Cat
  14. Yellow Cat
  15. Blue Cat
  16. Shrimp