April 8 Updates

Upcoming Changes

  • Simplifying Game Mechanics
    • Over the years we have added game content that is condition based, so as to allow a diversity in functionality amongst content. This typically is associated with different Channels. For example, different Channels have different PvP rules applied to them when it comes to Fame Loss and such.
    • We will be trying to simplify these changes through two different methods.
      1. The first method will be notifying the user of these changes through a GUI display. (Such as when you enter a new zone with different attributes, you will be notified of these changes).
      2. We will be trying to generalize most of these changes based on specific channels. For example this may lead to assigning a specific channel as a PvP Channel (meaning there is no Fame-loss anywhere). Whereas a Non-PvP Channel would continue to have fame loss in non-pvp intended zones.


  • Loadout System
    • We are creating a new system where players will be able to select custom loadouts that will be displayed instead of their equipped items.
    • This new system will, for the most part, be purely cosmetic (with some possible exceptions if we decide to move Demonic or Liquid Gold items into the system on the Triumphus Server).
    • Loadouts will be able to be won through events or purchased in our item mall.


  • 280-300 Leveling
    • Over the last few days we have players voice concerns about how they are unable to progress without winning the FL War and how it might be difficult to be assigned to a nation that may win due to time zone restrictions. As a result we have come up with possible alternative methods for leveling if you lose the FL War. Players are free to voice their support for any of these three ideas (or share their own) through our Discord or Forums. One or more of these ideas will be added in the next few days.
      1. Losers of the FL war, receive access with a reduced EXP rate and no drops for a limited time after the FL war ends (not the full time).
      2. We introduce additional instances for levels 280-300 that can be completed without having won FL, but that give a reduced amount of EXP compared to FL (and of course don't have the FL drops)... These would be SSC and/or RT1/RT2.
      3. Introduce V4 without Level 12 Drops and modified EXP rates/HP/Damage (not like in Tri). This option would take more time than the others to implement. This might be better to support Solo Leveling in conjunction with one of the previous two ideas.


  • 300 Content
    • Many players have voiced that once they reach level 300, they don't have too much to do. This is of course due to the fact that we did not release Level 12 equipment, nor did we release level 350. That being said, we would like players to provide us with insight or ideas as to what you (the players) would like to see happen with level 300 content. We will be making Forum topic where players can post their ideas shortly. We are currently experiencing some issues with the Forums due to the website updates. When the issues are resolved, we will update this topic with the topic link.


Today's Patch Notes

  • Deadly Count has had a small damage reduction.
  • Archers now have less hp when their VIT goes over 628.
  • Fist Zombie Orc blood has had its name shortened.
  • FrozenLand War has had health increases to promote an actual war.
  • Runen now has the correct description for Desau amulets.
  • Mana Barrier now reduces absolute/piercing damage by the appropriate amount.
  • Blade Warriors have faster attack speeds again.
  • Crow Stingers, grade 1-3 have been nerfed.
  • Katanium Claws, grade 1-3 have been nerfed.
  • The Flock Stick now applies "Blue Touch" which reduces the attack power of opponents
  • The Vast Staff now applies "Red Touch" which reduces the magic defense of opponents
  • The Flock Stick and Vast Staff no longer steal health or mana.
  • With G3 staffs, Blue magicians now have similar attack powers as a Red magician.
  • The Zodiac Staff and Leviathan Stick are now both "HP Steal" weapons.
  • The Zodiac Staff and Leviathan Stick can now be enchanted with "Physical Skill Attack" and "Physical Attack" (upgrading these stats will allow you to reach higher physical damage that nears the weapons AP prior to this update). This means the item is not automatically a powerful weapon.
  • The Zodiac Staff and Leviathan Stick have been reduced in damage and now have a requirement of 500 STR, 750 DEX and 751 Yellow/White.
  • Blizzard now has a larger radius.
  • Freezing circle now casts faster to match ice flower.
  • Ladianes Battle Arena cannot be teleported from with a teleport scroll.
  • Ladianes Battle Arena Corodons now drop 1 return scroll.
  • The amount of purified orbs to make pouches has been further increased at Kevilroth.
  • The Eonic Weapons Crafter now has the correct requirements for each eonic weapon.
  • ScatterShot, Wide Fury, Ice Stinger and DeathHand have been buffed.
  • The Choice quest is no longer a repeatable quest.
  • The health regeneration of all levels of Marvelous potions has been decreased and the Mana Regeneration increased.


Website Updates

  • Accounts that are able to change emails (accounts that have temporary eonicgames.com emails) now have a button on their profile page to change their email but only shows for those players.
  • We are working on a tool to remove Account Locks (providing you can verify your identity via email confirmation).
  • The website and forums have received a massive version update over the last few days.
    • It would appear that some users are experiencing issues logging into the Forums after it was updated. We are looking into this issue.