April 10 Patch Notes

Hello everyone, we have a small patch/update ready for you all today. The patch revolves around various complaints that users expressed about the last update (primarily around the balance changes). At the bottom of this post we have all the patch notes, but before we get to that I would like to say a few things.


Balancing a game is a constant aspect of MMO's, no game ever really stops (not even the biggest MMO's). We develop our changes based on player feedback, opinions, and logical changes. Sometimes these changes are not as popular with the community as others (as was with some of April 8th's update). When this happens, we want you to know that you don't need to worry or panic! We listen to our community and we make changes (as we are doing now). We simply ask that you are patient with us while the changes happen.


Moving forward, we are looking into hosting a public test server, which would be online intermittently, for users to test balance changes prior to them being released onto the live server. We will have more information about this once it has been finalized. In addition, we will be trying to be more detailed when it comes various elements of our patch notes (value changes).


Finally, I would like to talk about balancing. The reason we opened this server is because everyone wanted change, which we provided. We are now witnessing old issues (balance issues) because of this change. Specifically we are hearing complaints from either level 160's or level 300's about the balance of G11 equipment or there respective classes. The issue here is that we are trying to balance an equipment set between level 160-300 to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, as hard as we try this task is fairly close to impossible due to various builds existing. We, of course, are open to suggestions from you the players... but I need to remind you all. If you choose to stay at level 160, you are choosing to stay in a bracket that uses the same equipment as 300's (by popular demand), you are choosing to limit your stat points to that of a 160 and thus limit your survivability. Again, we try to balance this out... but a perfect balance between 160-300 is just not possible. We welcome your thoughts, comments, or feedback regarding this issue.


Patch Notes

  • Deadly Count has been reverted and now gives 250% extra damage instead of 235%.
  • The Vast Staff has been reverted and now has 3000-3500 damage again. (Previous Value: 3000-3400)
  • The rate at which Blue Touch and Red Touch apply has been boosted by 7% for a total of 15% depending on your ASR Level. 10 ASR would equal a 15% application rate.
  • The Marvelous potion nerfs have been reverted to their original values (1000,1000, 1200,1200 and 1500,1500 for HP and MP.)
  • The Diminishing Return Health Value changes have been fully reverted.
  • We have removed the MSA/MA stats from Physical Staffs, they have been replaced with PSA/PA.
  • We have removed the PSA/PA stats from Magical Staffs, they have been replaced with MSA/MA.

We have fixed an issue where the reverted diminishing returns values weren't applying correctly.