Triumphus Test Server Patch Notes

Happy Mothers day to everyone, we've just finished restarting the test server with more changes based on player feedback. Providing this set of changes goes well, we will be updating the Triumphus server with the current state of the Test Server tomorrow!


Grade 4 Eonic Weapons

  • With the wide range of balance changes that are shared amoungst the Triumphus & Mystic Server, Eonic weapons have grown to be undesirable once you reach 201+ on the Triumphus server. This is due to their lack of scaling against level 12 items.
  • The Mystic Server has no issue with the Eonic weapons because it does not have level 12 items.
  • As a result, we've decided to add Grade 4 Eonic weapons to the Triumphus server.
  • Grade 4 Eonic Weapons have higher damage and effects than their G3 counterparts.
  • Don't worry you don't need to upgrade your old G3's to get to G4! You only need to use an item from the Turf Shop called a "Grade 3 and 4 Eonic Switcher".
  • The "Grade 3 and 4 Eonic Switcher" will automatically convert your item from G3 to G4 or from G4 to G3.
  • Best of all, it KEEPS all your stats, so don't worry about breaking it.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with adding stats to Sephiroth Jewls on test server.
  • Fixed an issue that caused 200% base exp on the test server.


Test Server Exclusive Changes:

  • Golden Eggs have been added to the BETA items NPC in Ladianes, you should be able to enter the catastropha instance now.


Balance Changes

  • Buff Changes
    • Any HP Increasing buff that gave 1000, 2000 or 3000 HP has been changed to give: 5%, 10%, or 15% HP respectively, this should yield a positive benefit for people who want to build VIT.
  • Magicians
    • The Zodiac Staff and Leviathan Stick have had attack power boosts at 6-10 PSA and PA.
    • Silence Aura has had its radius reduced by a further 20% and received a cooldown reduction. It now has a cooldown of 30 seconds instead of 50.
  • Fist Warrior
    • The Acord Gauntlet has received higher attack powers at PSA and PA levels of 15-20.
    • A new protector called the “Nextdge Protector” has been added to the merchant “Kevilroth” This is intended as a level 200+ edge protector replacement for the G12 acord protector.
  • Blade Warrior
    • The Murciel Sword has received higher attack powers at PSA and PA levels of 15-20.
  • Archer
    • Archers now gain 0.6 HP per vit instead of 0.1 after 1200 VIT is reached. This is due to the HP buff changes.